1792 full proof is at the top of this list for its ability to serve as an all-rounder, backbone to any bar. This can be mixed, enjoyed neat, or on the rocks all to equal ability.

1792 Full Proof


This is an easy drinking sipper and a comfortable addition to any bar for its versatility. It's worth mentioning that barrel proof is not quite as easy to find as the small batch.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof


A fall favorite and greatly enhanced by enjoyment near a woodfire. Have this on its own or be a little adventurous in a highball, but be wary of diluting its unique character.

Old Forester 1920


Four Roses has been around since the 1800s and this is the strongest entry they have in their expansive portfolio. It spends anywhere from 8-10 years in the barrel.

Four Roses Single Barrel


Named to reflect Michter’s claim as the United States’ first whiskey company. This is a great bourbon to pour in anything from an Old Fashioned, highball, or drink on ice.

Michter's US* 1 Kentucky Straight


Maker's Mark

Maker’s - a classic, omnipresent bourbon nevertheless continues to inspire. Unlike many on this list, this plays very well with peaches, so feel free to be adventurous with something like a fuzzy navel


Widow Jane 10 Year sources bourbon from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana and then blends them in Brooklyn to create a unique and very punchy bourbon.

Widow Jane 10 Year