24 Best Date Ideas

Pro tip: Bring a bottle of fine wine with you to surprise her. Not only will it make your lady smile, but it will help you guys to stay warm.

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride


Looking at stars is free and you can do it anywhere. If you want to engage in stargazing, forget downtown. Sure looking at stars while sipping on wine in Manhattan sounds cool. But in the city, there's too much light pollution.

Go stargazing


If you don’t know much about wines (but are eager to learn more), you can enroll in a wine tasting class. This way, you’ll be doing more than just delighting your taste buds.

Organize a wine tasting experience


Why not spend the night together with cozy blankets by a toasty fire while roasting marshmallows or making s’mores? It's really hard to go wrong here.

Spend time by a bonfire


Going on a brunch date is the same as going on a dinner date. However, since it is during the daytime, the atmosphere is more relaxed. You can  for a casual setting to keep things light and fun

Have a brunch!


Pro tip: if you notice the gallery organized an exhibition of her favorite artist, choose that one and ask her if she can be your guide for a day. Listening to her will allow you to learn more about her and create a connection.

Go to an art gallery


Aquariums have pretty big tanks, which allow animals to move freely. Moreover, these days many places only house animals with particular stories which is always fascinating.

Meet at the aquarium


If you both have dogs, you can combine business with pleasure. Not only will you make your four-legged friend happy, you’ll also be able to enjoy a walk in nature and have a chat with your date.

Go to the dog park


First, meditation will help you deal with stress and pressures of daily life. And second, if you both had fun doing this, you’ll be chatting non-stop after class.

Take a meditation class


Remember, it’s not about the food. Instead, the focus is on spending time in nature with your potential partner. All you have to do is breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and quietly chat with her.

Have a picnic


Music is a universal language. Therefore, taking your date to a live concert could be the best idea ever. Make sure you have additional plans where you can sit down and talk too, since the concert is likely to be too loud to engage in conversation.

Go to a live concert


If you suck at it, then we bet you got scared. Relax, it doesn’t matter if you’re not that good. After all, skating is an excuse to stick close together. On the other hand, if you are a pro, this is the chance to teach her how to do it.

Go ice skating


Why did we include this among the best date ideas? For starters, it’s one of the most romantic things ever. Second, the surprise effect is guaranteed (if she’s a seasoned horsewoman, she might not be surprised, but this is the only case, we swear!).

Go horseback riding


The challenge is to buy each other a book. Want to make it even more fun? Then opt for a neighborhood bookstore. This way, besides creating the right atmosphere, you will also help the economy of an independent store.

Visit a bookstore


If you’re feeling young and free, you can choose heart-pounding attractions. Do you prefer some privacy instead? Then pick the Ferris wheel and enjoy your ride!

Go to the amusement park


Going to mini-golf has its own strong points. For starters, it’s cheap. Moreover, anyone can play, even those who have never picked up a golf club. You're both bound to have plenty of fun.

Go mini-golfing


A workout class, in fact, is an excuse to help each other to get fit and perform the most difficult exercises. And to laugh together.

Take a workout class together


Sure, it’s not all that original, but still classic nonetheless. You can opt for Netflix or something on basic television (is this still a thing?).

Watch a TV show or movie


How to make your stay at home better? By cooking. And however, cliché as it may be you can always use the dough for a food fight!

Choose a cooking class


If Christmas is approaching, consider spending some quality time together decorating your shared space or if you live separately, you can decorate each other’s place.

Decorate during the holidays


Do you happen to be a freelancer or solopreneur who works out of his office? Here’s a creative idea for you. You can ask your date for suggestions on decorating your office.

Furnish your new office


Nowadays, girls love playing video games even more than their male counterparts. Our idea? Invite her over to your house and pick out all her favorites. Then, challenge each other to the best score.

Play video games


As we’ve already written about ice skating and miniature golf, it doesn’t matter if you suck. Bowling is a game, and your only goal should be having fun.

Go bowling


Does your special someone love animals? Then an animal shelter makes for a unique option. You both can pet the animals and talk about how cute they all are. It’s sure to warm your guys’ hearts right up.

Visit an animal shelter