Treat your oily skin

• Hormonal levels (testosterone) • Genetic inheritance • Sun exposure and higher temperatures • Wrongly calibrated skincare routine

What causes it?


Tips to keep your oily skin under control

The key is to use a mild oil free face wash or soap, but only in the morning and evening (and also after you work out).

Cleanse in moderation


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Exfoliating the outer layer of buildup skin cells will make a path for other key ingredients to work their magic in your oily skincare routine.

Exfoliate dead skin cells


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Moisturizing your skin twice a day is one of the most important steps in balancing your sebum levels!

You must moisturize


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The secret is in foaming! Choose a shaving cream which isn’t listed as buttery and that doesn’t foam too much.

The right shaving cream


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Use oil absorbing sheets to conveniently get rid of oily skin fast. Remember to pat and avoid dragging the sheets all over your face.

Blot that oily face out


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Mud masks are helpful for removing the accumulation of dirt and stacked-up sebum layers.

Applying a mud mask


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Touching your face contributes to the pores getting clogged and even to possible acne, especially if the hands aren’t properly cleaned.

Hands OFF your face


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This helps to keep your skin hydrated, avoiding dryness & the production of sebum. It's also a solution to chapped lips & dry cough.

Humidify the Air you breathe


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Imbalanced stress levels can cause the suprarenal glands to produce cortisol which then triggers excessive oil production.

Reduce your stress levels


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Our bodies are different and so are the skin and its particularities. A dermatologist can prescribe specific treatments to help treat your oily skin

See a dermatologist


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