What to Wear

for a job interview

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Dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have.


Interview Outfit Ideas

Navy suit and striped tie is a classic interview ensemble that's clean and simple without sacrificing personality.

Business Formal (classic) 


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You can never go wrong with a textured mid-grey suit and white dress shirt pairing. Don't forget your best formal watch.

Business Formal (modern) 


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If you're a younger guy, keep things light and put together with a blazer, pocket square combination. Lighter usually = more casual.

Business Casual (more casual) 


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As formal as business casual gets. No tie, unbuttoned shirt relaxes this dressy ensemble. Remember, darker always = more formal.

Business Casual (more formal) 


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for colder weather, you can opt for a fitted puffer jacket over top of a cashmere crewneck sweater, and OCBD combination.

Business Casual (for winter) 


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For a casual job interview outfit consider a simple combination of a polo shirt and chino or khaki pants. Don't forget the belt.

Casual Interview (for retail) 


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For a slightly more elevated, casual interview outfit, you can try this one on for size. It's a tried & true classic fit.

Casual Interview (a bit elevated) 


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Our advice is to look at the recommendations previously and  wear whatever you might wear if the interview was in person.

Virtual Interview 


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Bonus Interview Tips

It is a subtle signal that you care about time and will be punctual. I also suggest carrying a pen in case you need to sign any documents or fill out paperwork. Doesn’t need to be an expensive fountain pen, just something that looks nice.

Wear a Watch

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Shave or trim your facial hair. Get a haircut. Brush your teeth. Put lotion on your hands. Poor grooming can quickly bring a great outfit down.

Don't Forget Personal Grooming

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Avoid wearing jeans, shorts, athletic wear, sandals and flip-flops, and t-shirts, especially graphic t-shirts. And anything dirty, damaged, or worn out.

What not to wear to an interview?

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