Mizu Towel Review: An Innovative Way to Increase Cleanliness

Fun Fact: Towels are one of the top spreaders of contaminants in your household.  You may be washing your hands and wiping surfaces in hopes of killing bad bacteria and viruses, only to dry your hands on something saturated with live cultures, and not the good kind.  The Mizu Towel aims to combat the problem of towels spreading germs with their “smart … [Read more...]

Tiege Hanley Review: My Level 3 Skin Care System Experience & More

It's time for my Tiege Hanley Review. It's a brand you've probably heard of. Does it live up to the hype? Let's find out. 2 Year Update: It's been over two years since I've been using the Tiege Hanley Level 3 Skin Care System. For the 1 year mark I talk about why I'm still using it, my results, as well as answer a few commonly asked questions.   And for the 2 year … [Read more...]

The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide (Style, EDC, Travel, Grooming & More)

The 2019 Gentleman Within Holiday Gift Guide is here! This year's gift ideas have a little bit of everything for every man. It's all the good stuff that's been tested, vetted and gifted. So go ahead and kick back with a warm drink and comfy slippers as you shop for your family and friends and admit it — yourself ;) Hit the play button below to see the live action … [Read more...]

10 Grooming Hacks All Stylish Men Should Know

It’s not enough to just be the best dressed man in the room if your grooming game isn’t on point. Taking care of the little things can often separate you from the crowd.  Knowing the secrets to good grooming helps others around you be comfortable while forming their opinions of you. The average man doesn’t take enough care of his body, but the stylish man keeps his … [Read more...]

My Spring & Summer Fragrance Collection [2019]

Spring and Summer fragrances are light, airy, aquatic and citrus filled which are characteristics of all of the fragrances on this list. So, recently one of my YouTube subscribers requested a fragrance video. Though it's outside the scope of my typical menswear content, the fragrances you choose, like your skin care routine, ultimately become a part of your overall … [Read more...]