10 Proven Techniques for Approaching and Meeting Women in 2021

Hey my fellow gents! I want to play a game with you…  Let’s play “What Do You Do?”  Here’s the scenario, you’re at a bar/venue/event/etc., and you see a beautiful woman smiling at you from across the room/bar/whatever.  What do you do?  Did you freeze?  Overthink?  Totally blow it?  Okay, okay, let me give you an easier … [Read more...]

How to Be More Sustainable With Clothes: 5 Simple Sustainability Tips for Men

In fashion today—and certainly in menswear—I've noticed a trend towards brands that have an emphasis on sustainability, particularly with their marketing.  More and more, brands are being exposed and accused of greenwashing which is the process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally … [Read more...]

How to Work from Home Sustainably: 10 WFH Tips for High Achievers

In this time of unknowns and discomfort, more of us than ever are being forced to develop new norms for our daily lives. We’re learning to grocery shop with social distancing, connect with our friends & family without being physically with them, and limit the way we live our lives on a daily basis, among many other things.  For so many of us, transitioning to a … [Read more...]

How to Take Care of Your Clothes (So They Last)

Why would you spend $600 on a suit that you can only wear once?  Why only once?  Well, you spilled an entire cocktail on it.  You washed it, but you didn't realize that simply throwing it in the washing machine would cause all of the buttons to fall off and shrink it two sizes.  Oops!  What’s the point of buying nice clothes if you … [Read more...]

20 Best & Worst Men’s Fashion Trends of the Past 10 Years

Everyone follows trends and if someone tells you they don't, well then they might as well be naked.  Over the past decade we've seen a myriad of men's fashion trends come and go, some are still going strong and some on their way out.  In this article I'd like to run down my list of 20 of the best and worst men's style and fashion trends from the past 10 … [Read more...]