How I Heel Lock Lace My Boots (The Best Shoe Lacing Technique)

While the heel lock lacing method of tying shoes might be familiar to longtime runners, I'd say a majority of people have no idea what it is, let alone how to go about tying a heel lock (lace lock).  This visual guide will show you step-by-step, exactly how I heel lock lace my boots so that you can get all the benefits of this trusty, underrated boot and shoe lacing … [Read more...]

Thursday Boot Co. Review (Quality Boots For $200?)

The Thursday Boot Company prides itself on high quality footwear at honest prices. Based out of and "bootstrapped" in New York City, Thursday Boots have made a name for themselves over the past few years.  In this comprehensive, long-term Thursday Boots review, I'm going talk a bit about the brand—cover 3 of their popular boot styles—specifically the quality & … [Read more...]

7 Boot Styles All Men Should Know (and How to Wear Them)

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Men’s Summer Fashion: 20 Menswear Essentials (The Style Guide)

Updated: June 10, 2020.  Although fall is the favored season for stylish men — I don't know about you, but summer has become one of my favorite sartorial seasons. I just love the simplicity it calls for. It encourages minimalism and doesn't have to be boring. Let me show you some stylish examples.  Today's post is a roundup of 20 men's summer style … [Read more...]

The Best No-Show Socks For Men 2021 (16 Brands Tested & Compared)

In this complete guide, I test and compare the best no show socks for men to help you find the perfect pair for you.  Let's get started.  No show socks are a game changer for men who want that stylish sockless look without stinking up their shoes and their feet.  These summer staples also known as loafer liners or invisible socks aren't much of a … [Read more...]