Twillory Performance Pants Review (Most Versatile Pants Yet?)8 min read

It’s quite a bold statement right off the bat, to say I may have found the most versatile pants that I’ve ever owned. Read on to see why I’ve come to this conclusion. 

Twillory Performance Pants Review (Most Versatile Pants Ever?) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

This will be my second comprehensive review of Twillory with their new performance pants being put under the microscope. It’s my hope that by the end of the article, you can decide for yourself if these pants are a worthy style investment. 

In this review, I’m going to touch on a little bit about the brand, delivery & packaging, pants style, pants fit, the finer details, what I like, and what I think can be improved. 

Let’s get started.


Founder’s Note: Before we begin, I wanted to chime in and mention that I first checked out Twillory over 4 years ago. I quickly found out that their shirts weren’t for me because even the smallest sizes were too big and too long. I stand at 5’6″, 135 lbs. That’s not say they aren’t quality shirts—in fact, I styled them several ways on a mannequin. As for the performance pants, without inseams below 30, they’re unwearable for guys like me. And so, recently, Gentleman Within guest contributor, Darien Dore gave them a try. Here is his review of the new performance pants. Take it away Darien.
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About Twillory

I’ll keep this section brief. If you’re interested in learning more about Twillory CEO, Asher Weinberger, his brand and his pivot from finance to the garment industry—I touch more on that in my previous review


This has been a bizarre year for obvious reasons, and I’m surprised at how painless the delivery process was. For context, I live up in the great white north (Go Raptors!) Toronto, Canada, and I received the shipment in faster time than my Twillory shirts order.

Twillory Shirts Packaging

The Twillory Performance Pants came in a well-packaged white box with the company name boldly displayed. Inside, each garment is nicely folded in a soft-touch zip lock bag with the message, “Tailored for the Hustle,” letting you know what they’re all about.


Now let’s get into the meat and bones of this review. I opted for the black and slate grey colors because of their versatility. I planned to possibly retire some old chinos I got from Express (spoiler alert, they were replaced). The great thing about these pants is how stylishly versatile they are for many different situations. 

You can wear these performance pants to the office and dress them down for more casual situations. I wore them primarily for work, but they could easily take me to happy hour too.

twillory performance pant style
Performance Pants in Slate Grey.

For both pants, I had a choice of a tailored fit and an extra trim fit. If you’re more on the slim side, I’d recommends going for the trim fit. And for the guys or the bigger side who may hit the gym regularly, the tailored fit is probably the better choice.

The pants come in your standard waist sizes and lengths to accommodate different body types, although they could use a wider range of sizes to appeal to shorter guys for example.

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Overall, I’m happy with the fit of the pants. I would say that these are a combination of 3 different types of pants. They have the look of chinos and trousers with the utility of modern joggers, which is a very different take on pants in general.

twillory performance pant black fit
Performance Pants in Black.

Starting from the waist down towards the knee they have a slim, thankfully not skinny fit. If you have more of a slim build, you have the choice of picking the extra trim option. It is not super tight around the thigh area, so if you have a larger build, you have plenty of room to move around in.

Down towards the calves is a more slim-straight fit, which ends at either a 30, 32, 34 or unhemmed length depending on your personal size. It would be nice to have a 29 or 28 inseam for the shorter men. Maybe that’s something they’ll provide in the future.

twillory performance pant trim fit
Twillory Performance Pants in Extra Trim Fit

The one gripe, which is minor, is that my perfect waist size is 31 however, they only carry even waist sizes of 30, 32, 34, 36 and 38. They still fit fine around the waist, mind you, so I can actually get away with not wearing a belt. 

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The Stretch & Tech

This is where I really started having fun with these pants because I was pleasantly surprised during the first few wears. First of all, these are honestly the most comfortable trousers I own hands down.

twillory performance pant stretch
The stretch has to be felt to be believed.

They are super light and breathable, but well built with no loose strands to be found. The QC is on point. Additionally, the 4-way stretch built into these pants is next level (take that American Eagle).

I first thought to myself that I could do a full leg workout in these pants and still head to work in the same pants, that’s how great the stretch is. Just for laughs, I did a few lunges and air squats just to see what I could get away with, and these pants passed with flying colors.

twillory performance pant squat test
A good old fashioned squat test (they passed with flying colors).

The pants are made with 100% Japanese stretch fabric and Twillory’s patented non-iron technology, so I’ve literally worn these straight out of the wash with no issues. I also never felt hot while wearing these pants, probably due to the moisture-wicking and cooling technology that’s built-in. That’s proved to be quite helpful as I’m always moving around while working my 9-5 retail job.

Pockets on Pockets

Furthermore, another great thing about the performance pants is the utility aspect. On the right, built into the pocket is another storage pocket for a phone, slim wallet, or maybe just a few cards.

On the left side beside the pocket is this nearly hidden zipper that goes down the side of the leg, which at the time, I accidentally found on my second week of wear (oops). You can fit a good-sized smartphone in this pocket, and some cash and no one would know the wiser.

twillory performance pants nifty side pocket

The 2 back pockets are zippered to store anything you want without running the risk of them falling out. Finally, all of the pockets are lined with a flannel material that is exceptionally soft and pleasant to touch. They could possibly warm up your hands on a cold day as well. All things considered, these pants are a joy to put on every time. 

  • Non-Iron
  • Dynamic 4-way Stretch
  • Shirt-Gripping Waistband
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Hyper-breathable
  • Media & Zippered Travel Pockets
  • 100% Japanese Stretch Performance Fabric

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The thing that stands out most for me besides how comfortable the pants are is the cool technology that Twillory incorporated in the waist. They have stitched in what they call a shirt-gripping waistband.

twillory pants shirt gripping waistband

I’ve never had any pants to have this kind of technology built-in. What I found it did were 2 things. One, it held my pants up reasonably well even without me wearing a belt. And two, it keeps my shirt tucked in perfectly.

I tested it out a few times, and my shirt stayed clean and tidy throughout the workday. The last little detail is the metal emblem on the back of the pants with the company logo engraved into it, which, if I do say so myself, is a pleasing final touch. 

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There are 2 things that I would like to see improved/added with the next iteration of performance pants. One, they need to offer additional waist sizes to allow more men to zero in the perfect fit.

Two, perhaps in the future they would consider the addition of a warm lining (winter version) to accommodate those who live in colder temperatures. Currently, these pants are perfect for the warmer months because the fabric is so lightweight.

twillory pants folded with belt


For what you’re getting, the price is—in my opinion, is a steal. You have 2 options. You can buy the pants for $89 (CA$125) or if you buy a shirt with your order, you can get the pants for $79.

I personally would go for a shirt and pants combination. Additionally, these pants come in a wide range of versatile colors to please the picky among us. All in all, the pants come in black, khaki, charcoal, blue, melange grey, navy, and slate grey.

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twillory performance pants details


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Versatile enough for business or casual outings 
  • Shirt-gripping waistband technology is clutch
  • Media & zippered pockets to carry your EDC items
  • Great value when purchased with a shirt 


  • Missing in-between sizes like 29, 31, 33, etc.
  • No shorter inseams for men under 5’8″
  • Pants material is very lightweight, thus not suitable for colder weather
If you want to try out Twillory, be sure to use the limited time code GENTWITHIN20 for $20 off your first order.

Check Twillory Prices


In the end, I’m loving my Twillory performance pants. Running around work everyday was eye-opening from what I’ve personally experienced with other brands’ dress pants over the years.

Gone are the days of wearing uncomfortable “work pants” and now enter the new age of refined clothing technology that actually makes you want you to gear up for the day ahead.

twillory package zip lock bag

Twillory hit it out of the park with the well-thought-out craftsmanship and eye for detail that they carried over from their classic shirts and stylish outerwear. Twillory said it best, “Tailored for the Hustle.” Enough said. I 100% recommend these over any generic pants on the market.

I’m happy for the privilege to work on another review for this brand and would like to extend my thanks to Khoi and the Twillory team for making it happen. 

Twillory Performance Pants Review (Most Versatile Pants Ever?) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

A note: The pants in this review were complimentary. These are the editor’s thoughts and opinions based on his experience. Gentleman Within holds all control over editorial content.

Onto you, have you tried Twillory Performance Pants?

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