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In this Twillory review I will be giving a quick rundown of the company, which items I picked up and why, how the delivery process went, and the unboxing experience. Additionally I will cover product details, price, pros & cons, favorite highlights, and my final thoughts about Twillory.

Twillory Untuckable And Non-Iron Shirt Review | GENTLEMAN WITHIN


Founder’s Note: Before we begin, I wanted to chime in here and mention that I first checked out Twillory over 3 years ago. I quickly found out that it wasn’t for me because the shirts didn’t fit well. The smallest sizes were too big and too long. That’s not say they weren’t quality shirts — in fact, I styled them several ways on a mannequin. Recently, Gentleman Within reader and friend, Darien Dore gave them a try. And so here is his review of the untuckable and non-iron shirts. Take it away Darien.
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About Twillory

Twillory was founded by Asher Weinberger, CEO of Twillory. He was having a problem finding what he really wanted to do in life after pursuing a career in finance and the green energy sector then he finally did some soul searching and figured he would go back to his family roots in the garment industry.

He wanted to do something different and skip the brick-and-mortar and dive right into the direct to consumer route. After some research, he eventually partnered with Richard Goldschmidt (co-founder) who had extensive experience in manufacturing and some ideas for online retail.

Twillory was finally born! Twillory has made it so that we the consumers have access to high-quality men’s shirts at an affordable price. Besides giving customers amazing clothing, Asher also wanted to make safer clothing with the industry first formaldehyde-free SafeCotton.

The chemical is widely used in the industry for non-iron shirts and may pose some potential health risks to humans so good on him for that!


The shipping process was extremely seamless with no hiccups. The two shirts that I ordered came in a clean box, neatly wrapped in soft white packing paper. On top of the box was a kind message from the company which I thought was a nice touch.

Twillory Shirts Packaging

As for the shipping time, it took 6 business days to get to my front door, which was awesome! I could enjoy my shirts sooner rather than later.


Now let’s get into the shirts breakdown. I chose 2 different shirts that I didn’t already have in my wardrobe as to not overlap on things that I already have.

The first one I chose is the Twillory Untuckable White Oxford Shirt for my casual outings and the Twillory Non-Iron Skull Contrast Dress Shirt for a versatile date night outfit and more formal get-togethers. For both shirts, I had a choice of tailored and non tailored fit which is great depending on what kind of look you’re going for.

Twillory Untuckable Shirt Design
Untuckable White Oxford Shirt

I went the tailored route for both shirts in size 15.5 M. I would like to point out that I do have a bit of muscular frame and so depending on how large you are, you may have to double check your measurements to ensure the best fit.


The fit, in my opinion, was pretty much flawless for the most part. There was no excess fabric on the sleeves or even around my midsection. They both fit perfectly on the shoulders which can be hard for me to find with having a bit more broader shoulders.

The sleeve length hit just by my wrist bones which were a pleasant surprise as my arms are quite long and normally have to pay the tailor tax to get my shirts to fit right. The lengths of both shirts were great for my needs as the untuckable shirt hit the right length as to not look too sloppy and hit at mid-crotch for that flawless casual summer look with dark wash denim with white sneakers.

Twillory Untuckable White Shirt Styled
Styling the Untuckable White Shirt with a blue denim jacket, grey chinos, and white sneakers.

Twillory Non-Iron Shirt Back View

The Twillory non-iron dress shirt is perfect for a more dressed up look and is the right length that you for sure should have it tucked into your pants. My only issue with both shirts is the fit of the collar, which was my fault for not paying a bit more attention to it, and the fact that my neck is kind of fat.

I had a difficult time buttoning the top button and when I finally did, I will not say it was the most comfortable. And so I’ll have to take these to the tailor to see what I can have done to alleviate my little blunder.

So my advice is also to get the fit right on your neck measurements to stop this from happening. Besides that these shirts fit me the way I like my shirts to fit, and that’s saying something for off-the-rack.

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Twillory Untuckable Shirt Details

Going over some of the finer details the untuckable shirt is at the perfect length to keep untucked. It’s made out of 100% cotton twill that feels really comfortable on the skin.

The buttons are made out of a durable resin material, built with a button down collar that makes this a great smart-casual piece, and has a small chest pocket on the side which adds a subtle pop to the shirt. Each shirt also comes with metal collar stays.

Twillory Shirt Button Details

Twillory Shirt Metal Collar Stay

There’s a small Twillory logo at the very bottom that I felt was a nice touch. Finally, the shirts has this hit of blue running from the top of the collar right to the bottom to the logo that gives this seemingly basic shirt some character.

  • Perfectly untuckable tail length
  • 100% Eqyptian Cotton Twill
  • Button-down Collar
  • Chest Pocket
  • Durable Resin Buttons
  • Signature T-Logo
  • Contrasting Detail

Twillory Non-Iron Skull Contrast Shirt Details

As for the non-iron skull contrast shirt, the main selling point is its SafeCotton technology that has it going away from the harsh chemicals like formaldehyde to create non-iron shirts. Twillory’s process removes wrinkles and chemicals while keeping the cotton soft to the touch.

Twillory Untuckable White Shirt Logo

The shirt is made out of 80’s two-ply cotton with reinforced seams, once again using the durable resin buttons, coming with a spread collar that makes this the perfect dress shirt for nights on the town. It also comes with brushed nickel collar stays which is a nice change from cheap plastic ones, and my
favorite part is the sick skull contrast found on the collar and the cuffs.

  • SafeCottonTM Technology
  • 80’s Two-Ply Cotton
  • Spread Collar
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Durable Resin Buttons
  • Brushed Nickel Collar Stays
  • Wicked Contrast


The things that I enjoy the most about both shirts, which is not normally a typical thing that I catch on most shirts, is the attention to detail that really makes them pop and makes Twillory stand out is the contrast designs.

Twillory Untuckable Shirt Logo Details

On the untuckable shirt, running from the collar all the way down the placket is this neat puzzle piece design that really brings out the casual vibes of the shirt.

On the other hand with the non-iron skull contrast like I mentioned earlier is a wicked polka-dot/skulls design that lines the inside of the collar and inside the sleeve. Any old dress shirt will normally not have anything like this and I love it to stand out from the rest.


As for the price of both the Untuckable and Non-Iron shirts, there are 4 options that you can choose from.

They’re both C$135 in Canadian dollars (we the north) ($99 USD) individually or you can order 2 shirts for C$162 ($109 USD), 3 for C$240 ($159 USD, and 4 for C$75 ($49 USD) which gives a wide range of value options depending on the needs of the customer.

In my opinion, for the type and quality of shirts you’re getting this price is hard to beat.

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  • Unique design
  • Fast shipping
  • SafeCotton technology
  • Lots of options to choose from as for shirt type and colors
  • Great sizing options to get the right fit the first time
  • Good value when ordering more than a single shirt


  • Expensive if you buy a single shirt
  • Tight fit around the neck
If you want to try out Twillory, be sure to use the limited time code GENTWITHIN20 for $20 off your first order.


At the end of the day, if you’re in the market for high-quality dress shirts and want to skip heading to the mall to try on shirts that don’t quite fit the way you want them to, Twillory is a great option.

For the man who has a unique taste for something a bit different from the rest and wants to invest in a brand that doesn’t use harsh chemicals, I believe Twillory has done an amazing job giving you all of these things at a relatively good value.

The company said it best, “Timeless craftsmanship, timely styles, and tailored fits, always at a fair price. That statement says it all and holds 100% to the experience I’ve had with them.

I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

A note: The shirts in this review were complimentary. These are the editor’s thoughts and opinions based on his experience. Gentleman Within holds all control over editorial content.

About Darien

Darien Dore Head ShotDarien Dore is the creator of Dores_Open. He is a lifestyle coach that specializes in creating the best version of his clients through changing key aspects of nutrition, exercise. His focus is on creating better habits for people to manifest the best versions of themselves possible and to improve overall confidence. He also has a keen eye for men’s fashion. He is located in Toronto Canada and always looking for people to take to the next level of their lives, the door’s always open.


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  • Unique design
  • Fast shipping
  • SafeCotton technology
  • Lots of options to choose from as for shirt type and colors
  • Good value when ordering more than a single shirt


  • Expensive if you buy a single shirt
  • Tight fit around the neck

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