The Best No-Show Socks For Men 2021 (16 Brands Tested & Compared)

In this complete guide, I test and compare the best no show socks for men to help you find the perfect pair for you. 

Let’s get started. 

Best No Show Socks For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

No show socks are a game changer for men who want that stylish sockless look without stinking up their shoes and their feet

These summer staples also known as loafer liners or invisible socks aren’t much of a secret anymore, with an endless supply of options out there and many clothing brands selling their own version. That being said, not all no-show socks are created equal.

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The top 10 (best of the best) rated no show socks in this round-up are:

  1. FITS Socks
  2. Sheec
  3. Feetures
  4. Falke
  5. Stance
  6. Pair of Thieves
  7. Stomper Joe
  8. Uniqlo
  9. Ninja Sox
  10. Zederna
BEST NO SHOW SOCKS For Men | The Ultimate Guide | 15 Brands Tested & Review

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For your convenience, in the table below you’ll find a list of 16 different brands that offer no show socks—sizes they offer, their price, fabric weight and any other things worth noting.

BrandSizePriceFabric WeightSpecial Notes
FeeturesM, L, XL$13.99LightweightiWick fibers for moisture wicking and Targeted Compression for proper fit and support
FalkeS, M, L$13.71-$27Ultra-LightweightLightweight and cooling effect
FITS SocksS, M, L, XL, XXL$13.91-$16.95Ultra-LightweightMade in USA. Only brand made with super-fine merino wool & no silicon rubber grip
SheecS, M, L$6-$9LightweightInfused Dry Silver for antibacterial properties
UNIQLOOne size$3.90 or 3 for $9.90LightweightSelf-deodorization function & best value play
Stomper JoeS, S/M, L, XL3 for $11 or 6 for $20Mid-weightMoisture wicking w/anti-bacterial properties
StanceS, M, L, XL, XXL$10-$12 or 3 for $25LightweightSport team designs available
Pair of ThievesOne size$10 or 5 for $40Mid-weightWide range of designs
Etiquette ClothiersOne size$14Ultra-LightweightMade in Italy & Turkey
Ninja SoxXS, S, M, L$5.99-$7.49Mid-weightOffers XS option
Cooper & JinOne size$10-$12 or 3 for $27LightweightAnti-microbial Bamboo fiber
PACTOne size2 for $13Mid-weight80% organic cotton
TaftOne size $10Mid-weightDiscontinued
Mack WeldonOne size2 for $16.50 or 2 for $28Extra-heavyStealth sock option for loafers and boat shoes
Old NavyOne size4 for $13.99Heavy4-packs only
Zederna14 sizes$16.90-$29.90100% natural cedar wood and cottonShoe insole

After referring to the table above, you can check out the in-depth analysis of each individual pair of no-show socks below the table of contents.


Since this post is super long—5,862 words to be exact—I’ve provided jump links for your convenience.

  1. Feetures
  2. Falke
  3. FITS Socks
  4. Sheec
  6. Stomper Joe
  7. Stance
  8. Pair of Thieves
  9. Etiquette Clothiers
  10. Ninja Sox
  11. Cooper & Jin
  12. PACT
  13. Taft
  14. Mack Weldon
  15. Old Navy
  16. Zederna


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Feetures is a USA based brand focused on performance-wear. They can be found on Feetures or their website.

Material: 56% polyester, 37% nylon, 7% spandex

Feetures No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
Feetures solid rubber grip holds steady.

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Feetures no show socks are comfortable and lightweight with a performance type fabric. They fit well due to the 3 sizes offered. I opted for a medium which covers shoe sizes 6-8.5. They have updated no show sock styles which they’ve taken design cues from their running socks.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

Currently there are two design options, the Men’s Hidden Everyday no-show sock which features neutral solid colors, and the Men’s Hidden Stripe which features a striped design.

As mentioned above, Feetures no shows have an updated ultra light design that provides a custom-like fit with a targeted compression zone on the arch of the foot. The updated socks also have ‘L’ and ‘R’ labels on the front of the socks so you always know you’ve got each pair on the right foot.

3. Does it Slip?

No, the Feetures no-shows do not slip in my experience.

4. No-Show Test: 2/4

Feetures ‘hidden socks’ passes the test with two out of the four shoes. They’re fine with any type of sneakers and boat shoes, but may show with some loafers.

Feetures No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 4.5/5 ★★★★½

Feetures’ sock design is centered around performance as is evident with their high performance running socks.

They offer a lifetime guarantee for any products that fail to live up to your standards, and so you can return them at anytime for a replacement, no questions asked. Now that’s trust in their product.

At $14.99, Feetures are some of the more expensive no-shows out there, but I’m happy to report that their latest updates the socks are more comfortable and worth it.

Feetures No-Show Socks


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Falke is a German brand that can be found on Amazon or their website.

Material: 82% Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 3% Elastane

Falke no show socks are among the thinnest of all tested brands.

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

The socks are comfortable and definitely wears like a thin liner like the recyclable kind they offer at shoe stores to try on their shoes, except with high quality fabrics.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

Falke no show socks have plenty of different color options to choose from. They have all the basics covered—white, gray, black, tan and navy. You can also find fun colors and striped patterns as well.

Falke also has 4 different sock styles with various cuts from medium to low. There’s “Cool Kick,” “Even Stripe,” “Step Men,” and “Cool 24/7”. A few odd names, but it’s a German company after all.

3. Does it Slip?

No, the Falke no-shows stay put all day.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

Falke passes the no-show test, 3 out of 4 shoes. The suede penny loafers have an extremely low vamp and the tiniest bit of fabric shows at the corners. But it’s barely noticeable and so it doesn’t hurt their bottom line.

Falke No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 5/5 ★★★★★

Many of my colleagues agree that the German brand Falke no-show socks are among some of the best no show socks out there. They are comfortable, have a range of design and style options and most importantly, remain hidden in some of my most low-profile shoes.

Starting at $13 a pair they lean on the expensive side there, but they’re well worth it.

Falke No-Show Socks


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FITS Socks is a high-quality sock brand that offers everything from low to quarter to crew, boots and over-the-calf socks. They offer hiking, running, lifestyle, tactical, cycling, compression, and now they offer no shows. They’re made in the USA and can be found on Amazon or on their website.

Material: 60% super-fine merino wool, 35% nylon, 25% lycra

FITS No Show Socks Packaging
Notice no silicone grips.

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Like the brand’s name suggests, the fit of FITS Socks are perfect. The ultra-light no shows wear like Falke’s socks. They’re the closest thing to loafer liners, but better looking and provides more structure.

The socks run small and so you may want to size up. I got the medium, but after a wash and dry cycle, size large probably would’ve been a better fit. I also imagine the alternate light no show socks would be even more comfortable because the slightly thicker sock would provide more cushion.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

Unlike most other socks that are cut and sewn, FITS invisible sock is fully knitted and features a seamless, one-piece construction. It’s a slick design with ribbing along the front of the sock. They come in a wide range of colorways and cool patterns. 

3. Does it Slip?

No grip, no problem. FITS is the only brand in this entire round-up without a rubber gripper on the back. They have a proprietary knitting process that creates a Heel Lock® which prevents the sock from slipping.

And they have a patented Full Contact Fit® that hugs the contours of your foot for a snug fit and zero slip. You can order true to size or one size up depending on how you like your socks to fit.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

FITS Socks No Show Socks Test

FITS invisible socks are hidden in 3/4 shoes tested. The only one where a little bit of sock is visible is with the suede loafers.

5. The Bottom Line: 5/5 ★★★★★

FITS Socks were included in my 2018 holiday gift guide. I was already a big fan of their hiking and compression socks, and I had a feeling their no show socks would be pretty amazing. And they are.

Besides being the only no show socks (that I know of) without a silicone grip on the heel, it’s also the only sock in this round-up made primarily with super fine merino wool.

Don’t be fooled, merino wool actually has cooling properties. And since their primary function is to keep your shoes fresh and your feet cool, this makes FITS no-shows the perfect summer sock.

Major thanks to the FITS team for kindly offering to give GW readers 20% off with code GENTLEMAN.

FITS No-Show Socks


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Sheec® (pronounced as chic) is a New York based brand that can be found on Amazon or their website. Sheec stands for Stylish, Hidden, Essential, Easy, Comfortable.

Material: Invisisoft – Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane // Invisicool – Meryl nylon and polyurethane // Sole Hugger Active (1.0) – Cotton blend // Sole Hugger Active X – Drysilver, Polyester, Spandex

The unique fleece lined Invisisoft socks (black ones) are different from any other no-show sock I’ve ever worn.

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Sheec’s lightweight no show socks are some of the most comfortable no-show socks I’ve worn. The fleece lined ones feel like a furry bunny rabbit is snuggling up against the bottom of your feet. They offer 3 sock sizes as well, which ensures a snug fit.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

They look funny, particularly the Invisicool and Invisisoft fleece lined style options. They definitely have a more feminine aesthetic. I mean all no-show socks look feminine to a degree, but these are unmistakably feminine.

I don’t mind it though. They’re different from all the other no-show socks out there. They’ve since discontinued the fleece lined no shows, I still love ’em tho!

I love that they offer 4 unique sock styles. In addition, they have essential colors, urban colors and pops of color to choose from. Sheec has some of the best no show sock design and style options in the entire roundup.

Like Feetures, Sheec recently updated their designs as well. They now have a reinforced toe & heel, extended the non-slip heel grip zone and are infused with Dry Silver technology which have antibacterial properties.

3. Does it Slip?

Sheec no-show socks don’t slip at all. Their silicone heel grip design is unique and holds up all day long.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

Sheec No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 5/5 ★★★★★

The Invisisoft and Invisicool no-show sock options makes Sheec different from every other brand on this list. They keep your feet super cool and stay up. They’re comfortable, lightweight, soft, and don’t slip, which is everything you want in a no-show sock.

Starting at $6-$9, Sheec no-shows are amazing value for the price.

Memorial Day Weekend Sale – 25% OFF w/ code SHEECSOCKS.

Big thanks to the folks at Sheec for kindly offering to give you a 15% discount with code GENTLEMANWITHIN.

Sheec No-Show Socks


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UNIQLO is a Japanese based fashion retailer and their no-show socks can be found in store or on their website.

Material: 77% Cotton, 16% Nylon, 4% Polyester, 3% Spandex


1. Comfort & Fit: 3.5/5

UNIQLO’s low-cut socks are lightweight and fit well for only offering one size. I’m not sure what the ‘self-deodorization’ function that the website mentions is all about, but the socks look and feel durable.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

UNIQLO’s no shows come in one cut and one size and no patterned options. They do offer 8 versatile solid colors including white, gray, green, blue and red.

3. Does it Slip?

Although the socks lean slightly big, but are thin and snug enough where they don’t slip in my shoes.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

UNIQLO No Show Sock Test

UNIQLO’s no show socks are pretty low cut and so they remain hidden in 3 out of the 4 shoes in the test. The only pair they show is with the suede penny loafers which isn’t surprising considering how other brands have fared so far.

5. The Bottom Line: 4/5 ★★★★★

UNIQLO is one of my favorite brands to shop. They have quality basics and highly affordable prices. Naturally, I had high expectations for their no-show socks, especially since I heard from many that they have some of the best no-show socks.

As expected, UNIQLO offers the most affordable socks at $3.90 and 3 for $9.90, which makes them perhaps the best value socks in this roundup.

UNIQLO No-Show Socks

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Stomper Joe, formerly Jays Barely There is a Chicago based brand that can be found on Amazon.

Material: 77% Bamboo, 18% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 2% Spandex

Stomper Joe No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Stomper Joe’s no show socks are primarily made of bamboo, so these socks are ultra soft, comfortable and breathable — albeit being on the thicker side. There is a compression band near the arch of the foot which aids in the comfortability factor. And thanks to their multiple sizes, the fit is on point.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

With Stomper Joe you have a choice of bamboo or cotton socks. Although they have no patterned socks, they offer your basics of black, white, gray and tan, which is all you need really. It’s great to have many different colors to choose from so that you can wear whichever color blends in with your shoe color.

3. Does it Slip?

No, the grip holds firm and the socks stay up all day.

4. No-Show Test: 1/4

Stomper Joe No Show Sock Test

The socks are visible with 3 out of the 4 test shoes with exception to the canvas Vans. Stomper Joes are on the thicker side and so I would wear these primarily with sneakers anyway.

5. The Bottom Line: 4/5 ★★★★

For sneakers, Stomper Joe are some of the best on the market in terms of comfort and fabric quality. They’re definitely my favorite pair of no-shows to wear iwth sneakers. For loafers and boat shoes not so much. The no-show test really hurt Stomper Joe here, if they were a bit lower cut, I’d give them a 5 out of 5.

Coming in at 3 for $11 or 6 for $20, Stomper Joe has excellent value for the price.

Stomper Joe No-Show Socks

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Stance is a US based lifestyle and performance wear brand that can be found on Amazon and on their website.

Material: 78% Combed Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% Elastane


1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Stance socks are lightweight with a 3 band silicone gripper. It’s one of those socks where you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. They also offers plenty of sizes to ensure proper fit.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

Stance no show socks come in one style called ‘super invisibles’. Their styles have a cool design aesthetic offering solids, stripes, artwork and other cool patterns. And best of all, they’re the only brand in this roundup offering college and professional sports team branded socks which is pretty cool.

3. Does it Slip?

No, Stance no show sock’s lightweight fabric helps for it to stay put all day.

4. No-Show Test: 2/4

Stance No Show Sock Test

Stance no shows are fairly low profile and remain out of sight with the Sperry boat shoes and canvas Vans. The only real problem is with the suede penny loafers.

5. The Bottom Line: 4.5/5 ★★★★½

Comfort and slick design is the name of the game here. Stance offers some of the best no show sock design and style options in this roundup.

You can get a pair of Stance for $10 which isn’t cheap nor is it the most expensive in this roundup.

Stance No-Show Socks


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Pair of Thieves is a California-based brand whose socks and underwear are designed in Portland, can be found on Amazon and on their website.

Material: 70% Combed Cotton, 25% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Natural Latex Rubber, 2% Other Fiber

Pair of Thieves No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
Pair of Thieves wins “Best Branding” hands down. Sneaky Socks, Sneaky Performance, heh.

1. Comfort & Fit: 5/5

Similar to Stance, Pair of Thieves no show socks have a 3 band silicone gripper. They only offer one size which isn’t much of an issue in my case because the socks fit as well as a size S/M that I normally would get. The mid-weight fabric lends itself to extreme comfort.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

Pair of Thieves no show sock design is ‘super sneaky’ indeed. Like Stance they have some of the most variety in the roundup when it comes to colors and style options. The socks feature arch support, a mesh upper and reinforced toe as well. Overall, it’s a well designed sock.

3. Does it Slip?

Pair of Thieves no shows do not slip which is great considering they also land in the mid-weight category.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

Pair of Thieves No Show Sock Test

Pair of Thieves passed the test with 3 out of the 4 shoes with flying colors. The only problem was with the suede penny loafers, which again is not surprising.

5. The Bottom Line: 5/5 ★★★★★

Pair of Thieves wins for best branding hands down. A fluffy raccoon as a mascot? The taglines, “The most fitting socks in all the land,” and “Ready for Everything” makes me really want to rock these socks.

Prices come in at $10 a pair or 3 for $10 which is great value for the quality you’re getting.

Big thanks to the folks at Pair of Thieves for kindly offering to give you free shipping with code GWSHIP.

Pair of Thieves No-Show Socks


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Etiquette Clothiers offers socks, underwear, loungewear and swimwear, and can be found on Amazon and on their website.

Material: 85% Cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Elastane

Etiquette Clothier No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

1. Comfort & Fit: 4/5

Etiquette Clothiers no show socks are ultra-thin, rivaling Falke in terms of fabric weight. It’s one of the few no-shows where it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. On the heel there’s a wavy 3 band silicone gripper. The only knock on the fit is that they only offer one size, although they fit pretty well on my feet, they could fit better with an appropriate size.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

There’s only one sock design option to choose from, but when it comes variety of styles, Etiquette Clothiers has that in spades. They have all the neutrals, striped variety and interesting visual textures. Surprisingly there’s no black or white option.

3. Does it Slip?

Yes, the only reason this sock slipped on me is because it’s slightly too big for my feet due to the single size. It’s rare when one size fits all actually fits me. For the most part the socks stay up.

4. No-Show Test: 2/4

Etiquette Clothiers No Show Sock Test

Etiquette Clothiers passed the no show test in 2 out of the 4 shoes. The only real issue was with the Jay Butler loafers. Only a tiny sliver is visible in the Cole Haans and so they get a pass here.

5. The Bottom Line: 4/5 ★★★★

Etiquette Clothiers is a solid no show sock option if you’re looking for something lightweight, comfortable and with a cool design aesthetic.

Coming in at $14 a pair, Etiquette Clothiers have some of the more expensive socks in the roundup.

Etiquette Clothiers No-Show Socks


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Ninja Sox self-dubbed as the originator, “ZERO” sox can be found on Amazon or their website.

Material: 76% cotton, 19% polyester, 5% spandex

Ninja Sox is the only brand tested that offers an XS option.

1. Comfort & Fit: 4.5/5

The socks feel as comfortable as socks should feel. However the fabric is a bit on the thicker side compared to some of the other brands in this round-up.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

Ninja Sox no show socks design options are limited. They offer your standard black, white and gray socks and that’s it. No fun colors or patterns to choose from currently.

Their current sock iteration is 4.0 as they’ve made some changes with each iteration to improve the overall sock design.

3. Does it Slip?

Sometimes, depending on the type of shoes I wear them with. Since the socks are a bit thicker, they sometimes slip while wearing my tighter heeled sneakers. But for the most part they stay put.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

Ninja Sox really do live up to their name. They’re invisible on 3 out of the four shoes. A tiny sliver shows with the suede penny loafers, but not much.

Ninja Sox No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 4/5 ★★★★

Ninja Sox are durable no-shows that have lasted me through 2 seasons of wear and are still going strong. They stay hidden on pretty much all of my shoes.

Starting at $5.99 a pair, Ninja Sox are some of the more affordable options in this round-up.

Ninja Sox No-Show Socks


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Cooper & Jin is a New York City based brand and can be found on Amazon or their website.

Material: Rayon from Bamboo, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex

Cooper and Jin No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

1. Comfort & Fit: 2.5/5

The socks fit great and are lightweight, but my issue is with the elastic bands, they’re too tight. You know when you put a rubber band around your wrist and after a while it leaves a mark? That’s the mark I get around the front of my foot from the Cooper & Jin no-show socks band which leaves my feet itchy after wearing them all day.

2. Design & Style Options: 5/5

In my opinion, Cooper & Jin has the most stylish and cool designs with names inspired by neighborhoods in NYC I believe, which is pretty cool since the founder is currently living there.

3. Does it Slip?

The socks stay put pretty much all day. They have slipped before when I was wearing sneakers with a really tight heel, but an easy way prevent them from slipping is to slide the socks as high up as possible to where it’s still hidden and it should stay up.

4. No-Show Test: 3/4

Cooper & Jin socks are easily hidden on 3 out of the 4 test shoes. A tiny sliver is visible in the Jay Butler loafers, but since the darker color of the socks blends in shoe it’s not all that noticeable.

Cooper and Jin No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 4/5 ★★★★

Cooper & Jin no-shows are lightweight, have great moisture control because of the bamboo and offers unique styles to boot. The only knock I have on them is that the elastic bands need a redesign. They’re slightly too tight which makes them uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Starting at $12 a pair, they lean on the expensive side of the no-show sock affordability spectrum.

Cooper & Jin No-Show Socks

12. PACT

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PACT is a Colorado based apparel company, and their no show socks can be found on their website.

Material: 80% Organic Cotton, 18% Nylon, 2% Elastane


1. Comfort & Fit: 3/5

These mid-weight no show socks are comfortable and fit okay. Some of the socks are too big for my feet while others have a better fit. Not sure what’s going on with the sizing inconsistency since they only offer one size. The worst part is the bunching of fabric that occurs when I slide my shoes on.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

They have your basic black, white and gray covered as well as a few cool striped and color blocking options. Overall there is a decent selection to choose from.

3. Does it Slip?

Yes, the socks slip all the time since they are oversized for my feet. That’s one of the downsides of only having one size.

4. No-Show Test: 4/4

PACT No Show Sock Test

PACT is the only pair of socks in the roundup that gets a clean green check on all four shoes. Kudos to them.

5. The Bottom Line: 3/5 ★★★

PACT ‘No-See-Um’ socks are made with 80% organic cotton and the extreme low-profile passed the no-show test. However the one size is a deal breaker only fitting shoe sizes 9-13. Anyone 8 and under like me is screwed.

For the price, you can get two for $13 which is a decent value.

PACT No-Show Socks

13. TAFT

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Taft is a US based shoe brand that unfortunately has since discontinued their no-show socks line. They do however have fantastic boots. Check out our Taft Boot Review.

Material: 75% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 5% Acrylic


1. Comfort & Fit: 4/5

The Taft socks are made primarily of cotton. Similar to Cooper & Jin, they have an elastic band that holds secure to your feet and can potentially cause some irritation, but they aren’t as restricting as C&J.

2. Design & Style Options: 2/5

There’s not much in terms of design and style options with Taft. Since they’ve been discontinued and no longer sell direct through their website, however, you can find them on a few other brand’s websites.

3. Does it Slip?

For the most part, these socks stay put all day. Have they slipped before? Sure. But pretty much every no-show sock brand I’ve worn has at some point.

4. No-Show Test: 2/4

Taft’s no-show sock is hidden in the Sperry boat shoes and canvas Vans. They are visible in both loafers, with a good amount showing in the low vamp, suede penny loafers.

Taft No Show Sock Test

5. The Bottom Line: 3/5 ★★★

It’s a shame Taft doesn’t really sell these socks anymore. They’re comfortable and durable as I’ve worn this pair for 2 years now. They’ve held up well through many wash cycles.

It seems the socks are discontinued on their website, but you can pick up a pair from Bespoke Post for $10 or Gentleman’s Box for $15.

Taft No-Show Socks


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Mack Weldon is a U.S. based ‘lifestyle’ brand that offers smartly designed basics for men. Their no show and invisible socks can be found on their website.

Material: 85% Combed Cotton, 10% Spandex, 4% Nylon, 1% Elastic

Mack Weldon No-Shows | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
Charcoal Marled and Denim Marled sock designs.

1. Comfort & Fit: 2/5

The Mack Weldon no shows are comfortable because of the combed cotton. However, this is a case where having only one size is a huge drawback. These socks are 2 sizes too large for my feet and bunch up around my ankle when I slip on any of the 4 test shoes.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

Mack Weldon has basic solid color blocking and striped patterns to choose from. It’s a pretty good variety. In addition to the no show sock meant to be worn primarily with sneakers, they also offer invisible extra-low profile socks meant for loafers and boat shoes. I did not test the ‘stealth’ socks in this round-up, however they look like they’re worth looking into with their 73% pima cotton build.

3. Does it Slip?

The socks slip because they’re much too large for my feet. I’m a US 7-8 and these socks are meant for shoe sizes 8-13. The invisible ‘stealth’ sock that they offer look like they would fare much butter in this test, but even so, they still only offer one size.

4. No-Show Test: 0/4

Mack Weldon No Show Sock Test

Mack Weldon’s no-show socks are meant to be worn with sneakers and so the boat shoes, and two loafers are expected to show, however they are not invisible with canvas Vans. I do think they would be fine with sneakers like Adidas Stan Smith, though.

5. The Bottom Line: 2/5 ★★

I probably should have picked up the stealth sock that Mack Weldon offers for a more fair test as I’m sure those would fare much better than the everyday no show socks. But they did name them no-show socks which is confusing having two separate names for no-show socks.

There isn’t an option to buy a single sock. Everything is in a 2-pack, with the everyday no-shows going for $16.50 and the stealth socks going for $28. They’re about middle of the road pricing when it comes to no show socks.

Mack Weldon No-Show Socks


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Old Navy is a major fashion retailer owned by Gap Inc. Their no show socks can be found in store or on their website.

Material: 76% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 3% Spandex, 3% Rubber


1. Comfort & Fit: 4/5

I didn’t purchase any Old Navy no show socks, but I did try them on in store. The socks are comfortable, however, they only carry one size and so naturally they’re on the larger size.

2. Design & Style Options: 3.5/5

Old Navy offers black and white socks as well as some striped options and a few fun patterns as well. They only have one type of no-show sock and sell in packs of 4.

3. Does it Slip?

Yes, since they’re a bit big for my feet, the fabric bunches up when I slide on my shoes and naturally the heel slipped after several seconds of walking around the store.

4. No-Show Test: 1/4

No visual for the Old Navy socks, however after testing so many socks in this roundup, I can confidently say that the socks would show in all of the socks with exception to the canvas Vans.

5. The Bottom Line: 3/5 ★★★

Although the socks are comfortable, there are many better no-show sock options in this roundup. It would also be nice if they offered individual socks instead of packs of 4. The convenience factor is in play here as most likely you have an Old Navy in your neck of the woods. These socks are best to be worn with sneakers.

You can get a 4-pack of socks for $13.99 which is a good value.

Old Navy No-Show Socks


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Zederna specializes in natural foot care products to keep your feet and shoes fresh. They can be found on Amazon or on their website.

Material: 100% natural cedar wood and cotton

Zederna Insoles | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
Zederna shoe insoles still smell fresh after a full week of wear.

1. Comfort & Fit: 4/5

At first glance, clearly these are not no show socks. They’re shoe insoles made of cedar wood and cotton. With the insoles inserted it feels like nothing is there. For sizing, they do not run true to size. I ordered a 7.5 and it fits more like a 6.5. The insoles also do not cover the full width of the shoe as you can see in the image above.

2. Design & Style Options: 4/5

There is only one insert shape and two design options. The first is the original and the second is an upgraded ‘Silver Care’ cedar sole which increases anti-bacterial effect and extended durability.

3. Does it Slip?

Nope. No slippage here, although I can feel the insoles slide around in my loafers because they’re a half or even full size too small. I ordered a size 7.5 which is the same as my shoe size, I guess sizing up one full size is a good idea here.

4. No-Show Test: 4/4

Zederna No Show Sock Test
Zederna Cedar Soles are said to last for 3 months and 4-5 months for ‘Silver Care’.

By default the Zedernas pass the no-show test.

5. The Bottom Line: 4.5/5 ★★★★½

I included Zederna shoe insoles because they offer an excellent no-show sock alternative. Friend and colleague, Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent put me on to them. Even though they’re not always necessary, I’ll slip them into my leather lined loafers and boat shoes. They even work well in sneakers for added protection.

The original Zederna cedar wood shoe insoles go for $16.90 and Silver Care is $29.90. These guys aren’t cheap, but are quite convenient.

Zederna Shoe Insoles


Why Wear No Show Socks | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
SHOP THE LOOK—Shirt: Forever 21 Men’s (Sold Out) | Shorts: Old Navy | Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider | Watch: Timex | Watch Strap: Cheapest Nato Straps, use GentlemanWithin15 for 15% off your order) | Bracelets: Taft (Sold Out)


If you want to avoid the stank, no-show socks are the answer. Just say no to athlete’s foot and fungus feet. Ew.


In addition to rotating your shoes daily and making use of sneaker balls, rocking no show socks are a surefire way to keep your footwear smelling fresh all summer long.


There’s a reason that this stylish guy’s secret has become a summer staple. The sockless look has been on trend for a while now and isn’t going away anytime soon. Rock this look and you automatically get the style points.


Qualities of The Best No Show Socks

1. Comfortable

Of course comfort is king here. You want for the socks to fit well and hug your feet without feeling restricting. The best no show socks feel like you’re wearing nothing at all and offer multiple sizes to guarantee a proper fit. As with shirts and jeans, the fit of your socks should be tailor-made.

2. Lightweight

It’s summertime and the more lightweight and breathable your socks, the better off your feet will be. I prefer lightweight fabrics since more often than not I’ll be wearing my no-shows in the summertime and I want my feet to keep cool as possible.

3. No-Slip

There’s nothing more annoying than the feeling of a no-show sock that won’t stay put. All of the no show socks tested in this round-up have an elastic arch band and a rubber non-slip heel, which helps to keep the socks secured around your foot. But that doesn’t guarantee no-slip since factors such as fabric weight and sock size play a role. Just because a brand says ‘no-slip’ doesn’t mean it won’t slip.

4. No-Show

Of course this is a primary purpose of this article. Does it show? The whole reason for wearing them is to keep our feet and shoes fresh, and just as importantly, remain invisible.

5. Affordable

And finally, price always plays a role. It’s all about value here and if I can save some money, all the better. I don’t mind paying a bit more for higher quality. But some socks are a bit pricey and that can hurt their bottom line.


The Best No Show Socks Test Shoes | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
SHOES FEATURED — Canvas Vans: J. Crew | Boat Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider | Bit Loafers: Cole Haan | Penny Loafers: Jay Butler

Sperry Boat Shoes

The ubiquitous Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe is one of the most iconic and popular summer shoes out there. And while most Sperrys would be okay to wear sockless because of their leather lining, some, like the canvas pair in this test have a fabric lining, thus suitable to pair with no show socks.

Classic Vans

These canvas Vans sneakers have a low-profile making them the perfect test sneaker. If the socks aren’t visible here, then they’ll most likely remain invisible on any other low-top sneaker.

Cole Haan Bit Loafers

Loafers are some of the lowest profile shoes a man can wear. They’re a summer shoe essential for all stylish men, so naturally they’re a part of this no show sock test.

Jay Butler Penny Loafers

I had to include what are perhaps loafers with the lowest cut that I know of. The vamp of the shoe is much lower than your typical penny loafer, making these shoes the perfect test shoe. If a pair of no-shows don’t show in a pair of Jay Butler loafers, then they won’t show in any other shoe.


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Men's No Show Socks (Best of the Best) | How FITS Compares to Falke, Sheec, Stance, Pair of Thieves

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Before we conclude, I thought it was a good idea to quickly go over some no-show sock care tips.

  • Machine wash with like colors
  • Keep them out of the dryer (tumble dry low if necessary)
  • Avoid bleaching or ironing

And finally, mind your fabric weights. A heavier weight fabric is more appropriate for chunkier sneakers whereas a lightweight fabric is better for canvas sneakers, boat shoes and loafers.


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I have a couple of closing thoughts on no show socks that I wanted to share, not that this article isn’t already long enough.

1. One Size Fits All Is A Lie

When it comes to fit, there’s no such thing as one size fits all, especially when it comes to shoe sizes. Which is why I’m skeptical anytime I see a no-show sock brand with one size. Oftentimes they’re too big and bunches up around the heel and ankle when I try to slip my shoes on. And even worse, these one size no-show socks are prone to slip much easier than properly sized ones.

2. Fabric Weight Matters

I’ve found that the thicker the sock the higher probability for it to slip, whereas lighter the fabric the less prone to slipping.

3. The Best No Show Sock No-Slip Grip

For the most part every brand’s silicone grippers hold well, but the best hold come from Sheec’s hybrid solid/crosshatch grip. The next best are the brands with 3 band silicone grippers.

And finally, FITS Socks takes the cake with their fully knitted, one-piece construction. The seamless design eliminates the need for a silicone grip and the socks still stay up. Now that’s a win-win.


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There you have it, Gentleman Within’s Best No Show Socks For Men, the complete guide. I hope this was valuable.

Feel free to bookmark this page so that you can reference it before you make your no-show sock purchases.

Best No Show Socks For Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

What are some of your favorite no show sock brands?

Let’s continue the discussion over in the Gentlemen Within Private Facebook Community.

Looking forward to seeing you in there.


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