27 Best Slim Wallets for Men 2021 (A Hands-On Minimalist Wallet Review)

I tested 27 slim wallets from 23 quality direct-to-consumer brands—big and small—to find which have the best design and how each wallet looks in your pockets. After all, no one wants to carry an exploding Costanza wallet. Just cash and a couple of cards are all that's needed for the perfect minimal wallet.  This minimalist wallet, hands-on review also covers areas such … [Read more...]

Review: Kodiak Leather Co. Denali Duffle Bag (Is It Worth Your Money?)

Think about the last time you got on an airplane or checked into a hotel. Most check-in bags are canvas, with zippers, pockets, and storage compartments everywhere.  They’re likely in blue or black, but you might find one in red every now and then. Of course, you likely didn’t notice, because the best ones tend to fly under the radar.  But, for the initiated … [Read more...]

Daniel’s Model No. 1 Briefcase Review (A Bag Built to Go the Distance?)

Let’s be real: classic, throwback business pieces and accessories are back in style! Tweed jackets, thick-rimmed glasses, and monk strap shoes are all callouts to a previous era. And no accessory is more classic than the briefcase. In a time where modern bag options have become more acceptable for the office, Daniel’s NYC made the decision to throw it back. Thus, the … [Read more...]

The Navy Blazer: Men’s Style Essential (How to Wear & Where to Buy)

The Beatles, the Las Vegas Strip, the Navy Blazer. Say what? The navy blazer is iconic in the world of menswear. Not only does it look amazing, but it's one of the most interchangeable pieces in menswear that bridges the gap between smart and casual. It's the second feature in our Essential Men's Style Series and for good reason. It's an ultra versatile garment … [Read more...]

Men’s Fall Style Essentials Worthy of A Spot In Your Wardrobe

Fall is here and winter is coming. Since we're now in the thick of it, I figure it's a good time to talk about fall style essentials for men. Next up is winter. Subscribe to the Gentleman Within YouTube channel. Here's what I consider men's fall style essentials worthy of a spot in your closet. Let's get right to it, starting with fall first. MEN'S FALL STYLE … [Read more...]