8 Best Men’s Undershirt Brands 2021 (Tested & Compared)

A great fitting undershirt is essential for men who want to feel more comfortable in their everyday clothing. If you are interested in learning all about 8 highly reviewed and high-quality undershirts, this article is for you.

8 Best Undershirts for Men that Stay Tucked In 2020 (Tested & Compared) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Quick note: There are many best undershirt lists online, but I actually use and tested each brand in this roundup (some for many years) and so you can be sure that my recommendations come from personal experience. 

I’ve taken a list of 8 highly rated undershirt brands and provide my thoughts on the quality, feel and fit, and determine which ones are the best in a myriad of categories. 

Without further ado, my top 8—best men’s undershirt brands in 2021.

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The 8 best men’s undershirts in this round-up are:

  2. Twillory
  3. Mr. Davis
  4. Tani USA
  5. Thompson Tee
  6. Organic Basics
  7. Manual Outfitters
  8. RibbedTee


BEST UNDERSHIRTS for Men | Uniqlo HeatTech, Thompson Tees, Ribbed Tee, Tani USA & More

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Now let’s get into the roundup!


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First—before we start—here are 8 hallmarks of a great undershirt that all the brands on this list have.

  1. Flawless fit and function
  2. Long enough to tuck in and stays tucked in
  3. Insulating and anti-microbial
  4. Quick drying, wicks away moisture and sweat
  5. Regulates your body temperature
  6. Has a v-neck option
  7. Made with high-quality fabrics
  8. Material is stretchy and shape-retaining


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Below is a table of all featured undershirts for your convenience.

BrandSizePriceFabric WeightSpecial Note
UNIQLOXS-XXXL$14.90LightweightBest Value
TwilloryS-XXL$24Mid-weightBest T-Shirt Alternative
Mr. DavisXS-XXL$25Ultra-LightBest Fabric
TaniS-XXL$55LightweightBest Drape
Thompson Tee




Best Sweat Protection

Manual OutfittersS-XXL$44LightweightBest Design
Organic BasicsS-XXL$60LightweightBest Color Option
RibbedTeeS-XL$32Ultra-LightBest No-Show

1. Best Value: Uniqlo

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First up on the list of best undershirts for men is UNIQLO. This hugely popular fashion retailer is known globally for their affordable quality and minimal basics.

uniqlo heattech short sleeve crewneck undershirt
SHIRT DETAILS: Size XS—34% Rayon, 33% Polyester, 28% Acrylic, 5% Spandex | UNIQLO | Price: ~$14.90

It’s become one of my favorite places to shop. And being a shorter guy (~5’6″), their clothes fit exceptionally well. They also offer in-store hemming for their jeans and chinos which is a highly convenient service that no other major retailers offer.

Best of all, Uniqlo HeatTech undershirts come in a variety of versatile colors and sizes, crewnecks and v-necks (just like their popular Supima cotton t-shirts).

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Uniqlo HeatTech Crew Neck Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXXL
  • Material: 34% Rayon, 33% Polyester, 28% Acrylic, 5% Spandex
  • Made In: Bangladesh
  • Colorways: 5
  • Price: $14.90

Uniqlo HeatTech Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

I’ve had my Uniqlo HeatTech undershirts for several years now. They’ve been through countless wash and dry cycles, although I started to hang dry them more recently so that they last longer. And they do shrink slightly, so be aware of that.

I wear them year-round, as a base layer under my thicker shirts and sweaters in the winter, and in warmer weather, under a lightweight vest for example.


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The shirts fit me like a muscle fit which is the way an undershirt is meant to fit. It’s snug all over from the chest, through the body and around my biceps. It’s actually a little bit too tight and the sleeves are a bit short for my liking. I might be able to get away with wearing a size small as opposed to XS. 

It’s got just the right amount of elasticity and is easy to tuck into my pants or boxer briefs. Additionally, it has a pretty trim collar around the neck for a sleeker appearance.

Buy HeatTech Crew Neck Tee

uniqlo heattech short sleeve undershirt bacon collar
The result of dozens upon dozens of washes.

A problem area with the shirt is that one of the crew neck collars has lost its shape a bit. Bacon collar aside, I’ve gotta say that they’ve held up very well over the course of the past few years.

It looks like they’ve since updated the shirt design since I purchased mine. Instead of a tag on the collar, the undershirts are now tag-less and it looks like shirts are now longer to make for an easier tuck.

Buy HeatTech V-Neck Tee

uniqlo heattech short sleeve v-neck undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size XS | HeatTech Short Sleeve Shirt | Price: ~$14.90

Uniqlo HeatTech Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Uniqlo’s HeatTech long sleeve shirts are essentially the same as their short sleeve shirts, except with the long sleeves which make them the perfect undergarment for colder weather. I particularly like to wear them as a base layer while snowboarding or other winter activities.

It’s lightweight enough to allow for full mobility and still does a good job of insulating to keep my core warm up on the mountain. They also carry an extra warm version that’s touted as 1.5 times warmer than regular HEATTECH and an ultra warm turtleneck long sleeve that’s 2.5 times warmer than HEATTECH.

uniqlo heattech long sleeve undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size XS | HeatTech Long Sleeve Shirt | Price: ~$19.90

Just like my short sleeve shirts, I’ve had my long sleeve undershirts from Uniqlo for many years now. They’ve been through countless wash and dry cycles and are holding up well.

The long sleeve undershirts fit just like the short sleeve shirts too. And the sleeves are slightly shorter than full-length sleeves so that they stay hidden under your outer layers.

Finally, the v-neck HeatTech shirts have a deeper “v” cut that is intended to keep the shirt hidden under dress shirts. And just like the short sleeve shirts the collar is trimmer than most undershirts I’ve worn.

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Buy HeatTech Long Sleeve Tee

Uniqlo HeatTech Long Sleeve Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXXL
  • Material: 34% Rayon, 33% Polyester, 28% Acrylic, 5% Spandex
  • Made In: Bangladesh
  • Colorways: 5
  • Price: $19.90

The Bottom Line:

UNIQLO offers the most affordable undershirt options out of every brand on this list coming in at under $15, making it the best value undershirt you can buy.

Undershirts You Might Like:

2. Best T-Shirt Alternative: Twillory

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Twillory is known for their performance, non-iron and untuck(able) dress shirts. But what you didn’t know was that they also carry underwear and undershirts, aptly named underTwills.

twillory undertwills undershirt tag
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S | Twillory | Price: $24

Twillory prides itself in timeless craftsmanship, timely styles and tailored fit at affordable prices. 

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Twillory Performance Undershirt

Twillory’s performance undershirts come in a crew neck or v-neck variety in white or a tan (tonal) color. I personally prefer the tonal undershirt as it blends with my skin tone as opposed to the contrast of a white, though white is still a perfectly fine option.

twillory undertwills undershirt back logo
Reflective Twillory “T” logo on the back of the shirt.

On the back of the shirt, under the neck is a silver reflective Twillory “T” logo printed which is a welcome design detail. Their performance shirts are made with a sweat-wicking, cooling technology and sleeves that don’t ride up into my armpits. And it’s got a length that’s appropriate to wear untucked or tucked in.

Out of all the undershirts in this roundup, Twillory’s performance undershirt feels and fits the most like a t-shirt. The fabric feels thicker and more substantial. It could easily be worn casually as a standalone shirt during a light run or workout or as a moisture wicking base layer, worn under an oxford shirt, talk about versatility.

twillory undertwills undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—47% Rayon, 47% Cotton, 5% Spandex | Performance Undershirt | Price: $24

Although Twillory’s performance undershirt might be too loose fitting for some to wear as an undershirt, I still think that it’s a good fitting undershirt option for some men.

At $24 a shirt, Twillory is in the middle-tier price point for undershirts in this roundup. Furthermore, you can bundle and save at 2 for $36 or 4+ for $14.50 each. That’s a tremendous value.

Buy Twillory Undershirts

Twillory Performance Undershirt Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 47% Rayon, 47% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Made In: China or Vietnam
  • Colorways: 2
  • Price: $24 or 2 for $36 and 4+ for $14.50

The Bottom Line:

The Twillory performance undershirt is the best option that you can wear casually and comfortably as a t-shirt, and has all the beneficial properties you’d want in an undershirt as well.

3. Best Unique Fabric: Mr. Davis

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This is a brand that likes to sweat the little details by investing in quality fabrics that are made to last. They are small and nimble with a dedicated customer support team that you can email or chat with anytime.

mr davis tailored cut undershirt details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size XS | Mr. Davis | Price: $25

Mr. Davis touts itself as having the World’s Best Undershirt. That’s a bold statement and I think the other brands in this roundup would have something to say about that. Audacious declaration aside, their undershirts do come highly reviewed both on their website and Amazon.

Premium Tailored V-Neck Undershirt 

The Mr. Davis undershirts come in a tailored or traditional fit which makes it well-fitting for a multitude of body types. I personally prefer the tailored cut as it follows the shape of my body and provides a more streamlined fit.

What’s great about Mr. Davis is that they offer a tan option, while the raglan sleeves accentuates the shoulders. It is thicker though, with a noticeably wider neckline trim. It also has the regular crewneck or Tailored V-Neck Undershirt options and 4 colors of white, grey, black or tonal.

mr davis undershirt stretch raglan sleeve
Bamboo fabric has a great stretch, also notice the raglan sleeves.

Mr. Davis is the only undershirt brand on this list that’s made primarily with bamboo viscose (94%), which gives it a soft/silky feeling and appearance, along with keeping me really cool. Additionally the 6% spandex provides ample stretch. 

A problem area I noticed with the shirt and I’m not sure if it’s simply a minor defect, but the fabric at the back collar of the shirt behind my neck tends to bunch up over time. I only noticed this occured after I put the shirt through a wash and dry cycle. The shirt didn’t shrink, though.

mr davis undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size XS—96% Bamboo Viscose, 4% Spandex | Tailored V-Neck Undershirt | Price: $25

Comfort Fit Premium Tailored Cut Undershirt Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: 96% bamboo viscose, 4% spandex
  • Made In: China
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $25 or $69 for 3-pack

Shop Mr. Davis Undershirts

The Bottom Line:

Whether Mr. Davis undershirts are the best in the world, that’s up for debate, but these bamboo constructed shirts are some of the coolest and most comfortable on the market. My recommendation is the tonal color, it’s the best option for most skin tones.

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4. Best Drape: Tani

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Tani USA is a US based direct-to-consumer company whose goal is to make the world’s best underwear. Through their patented fabrics and inventive knitting techniques.

tani silk cut crew shirt details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size M | Tani | Price: $55

Tani is out to set the standard of the world’s best underwear, period. They do this through innovation in every aspect of their garments from patented fabrics, made with high durability, easy washability in mind to ensure a longer lasting garment.

Tani SilkCut Crew Undershirt

Similar to Twillory, the Tani SilkCut undershirt can be worn both as a base layer and a basic tee. I’d say that their undershirt has the most flowy drape and some of the nicest feeling fabric I’ve ever felt on a shirt. It’s just got a super soft and buttery smooth texture and feeling.

tani silkcut undershirt stretch
The drape and stretch on Tani’s Silk Cut shirts are amazing.

I got size medium which is too long to wear as a t-shirt, but makes for an excellent undershirt option. It’s form-fitting with naturally moisture wicking fabric. The Micro Modal Air fabric is softer and thinner than silk, and it’s less see through than Ribbed Tee’s EVO TENCEL shirt (which is highlighted later on).

Additionally, Tani fabrics can keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm—just the type of versatility you want from an undergarment or t-shirt. I also have a set of their SilkCut Thermal Underwear and it’s especially true of the long sleeve thermals that I’ve been wearing to bed as pajamas during the cooler months.

tani silkcut thermal underwear fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—94% Micro Modal Air, 6% Elastane | SilkCut Thermal Underwear | Price: $145

I want to mention that it’s not the best undershirt to wear if you want it to keep hidden. The crewneck is cut close around the neck while the v-neck isn’t deep enough to remain hidden under some unbuttoned dress shirt. And finally, the shirt didn’t shrink through a wash and dry cycle.

Tani SilkCut Crewneck T-Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 94% Micro Modal Air, 6% elastane
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $55

Check Out Tani Silk Cut Shirts

tani silkcut undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size M—94% Micro Modal Air, 6% Elastane | SilkCut Shirt | Price: $55

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to how it feels and fits, Tani’s SilkCut shirt is one of my favorites. And the Micro Modal AIR technology is something you’ll want to feel for yourself.

5. Best Sweat Protection: Thompson Tee

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As of 2016, it’s estimated that 15.3 million people or 4.8% of the US population suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is abnormally excessive sweating that’s not necessarily related to heat or exercise. This type of heavy sweating often causes social anxiety or embarrassment.

thompson tee-tshirt-details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S | Thompson Tee | Price: $28

The founders of Thompson Tee relate to the struggles of those with hyperhidrosis and so they spent more than 10 years developing a lightweight, breathable, comfortable underarm barrier that absorbs sweat and withstands tough stains.

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

While technically an undershirt, the Thompson Tee might fit you well as a t-shirt depending on your build. For me, the shirt was huge out of the packaging, but I was surprised that it shrunk down considerably after a single wash and high-heat, dry cycle. 

Thompson Tee is hands down the best undershirt for sweat because it comes with a proprietary design that stops sweat from showing through your underarms, which is a lifesaver for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or just tend to sweat a lot in general.

thompson tee hyperhydrosis protection
Although you can’t see it, there’s ample padding under the arms.

I have to be honest, it feels a little weird having that extra padding under your arms, and while it’s not uncomfortable, but does take some getting used to. You can definitely feel the protection, though.

In terms of the Thompson Tee as an undershirt, it’s a bit too heavy weight of fabric for an undershirt IMO, especially with the sweat panels under the arms, and so that’s why I recommend it as a t-shirt. YMMV depending on your build. For reference, I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs.

thompson tee undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—100% Combed Cotton | Sweatproof Undershirt | Price: $27.99

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Crewneck Details:

  • Sizes: XS-XXXL
  • Material: 100% Premium Combed Cotton
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 7
  • Price: $28

Shop Thompson Tee Undershirt

The Bottom Line:

If you want a t-shirt or undershirt with sweat proof technology that’s made in the USA with quality fabrics, Thompson Tee is the perfect shirt for you.

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6. Best Color Option: Organic Basics

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Organic Basics knows that the fashion industry is run amuck with seasonal trends and disposable clothing, and so they set out to put sustainable thinking at the core of everything that they do. From the fabrics to the factories that they choose to work with, it’s all about being mindful of the environment.

organic basics soft touch tencel tshirt details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S | Organic Basics | Price: $60 (use code GENTLEMANOBC for 10% OFF)

As its brand name suggests Organic Basics makes clothing ethically made, “Vegan Approved”, with GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s quality basics, meant to last, and sourced the right way.

Organic Basics Soft Touch Tencel Lite Tee

Similar to Twillory and Tani, the Organic Basics Soft Touch TENCEL Lite Tee is designed as a base layer that wears well as a plain t-shirt.

The Organic Basics TENCEL Tee is a soft undershirt that’s made with eco-friendly wood pulp fiber called TENCEL which is softer and lighter than cotton because of the smaller fibers. It feels similar to silk, spandex or bamboo fabric.

organic basics soft touch tencel lite side view
I personally think dark green is an underrated color.

In terms of the shirt’s design, there’s a slight v-neck and the shirt is fitted throughout from the chest down to the arms and waist. I personally feel that the shirt fits my body quite nicely.

The Organic Basics undershirt comes in black, white and navy colors. There’s also a dark green (olive) that I have a preference towards, and is different from the colors offered by other brands.

When it comes to casual basics, premium products usually come with a premium prices, and Organic Basics TENCEL Tee comes in at $60, which is the priciest shirt in this roundup. It’s a lot to swallow for a short sleeve shirt, but generally TENCEL products tend to be more expensive than cotton.

organic basics soft touch tencel lite fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—95% lyocell TENCEL, 5% elastane | TENCEL Lite Tee | Price: $60

Organic Basics Soft Touch T-Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 95% lyocell TENCEL, 5% elastane
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Colorways: 4
  • Price: $60 (use code GENTLEMANOBC for 10% OFF)

Shop The TENCEL Lite Tee

The Bottom Line:

Organic Basics is transparent about where their products are sourced from, which is admirable in a world where many brands choose to omit these facts. It’s a premium product at a premium price. If you’re looking for high quality basics, Organic Basics is definitely worth a look.

7. Best Design: Manual Outfitters

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A note: Manual Outfitters’ The Baselayer undershirt is currently on Final Sale without any indication of when they’ll be back. A darn shame!

This direct-to-consumer brand has a goal to replace the clutter and waste in every man’s wardrobe with a small collection of well-crafted, high performance basics. They’re committed to creating apparel that’s worthy of a spot in your collection.

manual outfitters baselayer details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S | Manual Outfitters | Price: $44

Manual Outfitters is all about creating products that outperform, outlasts and out-comforts anything you’ve worn before, all the while being mindful of sustainability. It’s a worthy cause worth getting behind, but how nice are their undershirts?

Manual Outfitters The Baselayer

Manual Outfitters ‘The Baselayer‘ comes in a performance blend of fabrics from eucalyptus origin lyocell, cotton and elastane. It’s made with a proprietary seam design that helps break tension under your arms, providing free range of motion. It’s more so along the lines of performance and active gear rather than a plain undershirt.

manual outfitters base layer design
Notice the seams under the arms and over the shoulders.

When you wear the shirt, you can feel the difference from ordinary tees and undershirts. The seams under the arms provide a performance tech feel. It’s a shirt you’ll want to workout in.

I like the way the shirt fits and is perfect to be worn under your favorite button downs or standalone as a basic tee, although it’s better suited as a baselayer as its name suggests.

It’s got a refined, clean fit. What’s cool is that they have a less medium and more medium size which is ideal for those who may be in-between small and medium or between a medium and a large. It comes in two colors of clean white or black. And the shirt may shrink slightly in a wash and dry cycle.

manual outfitters base layer fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—62% lyocell, 30% cotton, 8% elastane | The Baselayer | Price: $44

Manual Outfitters Baselayer V-Neck Details:

  • Sizes: S-XXL
  • Material: 62% lyocell, 30% cotton, 8% elastane
  • Cut & Sewn In: Massachusetts
  • Made In: Portugal
  • Colorways: 2
  • Price: $44

Shop The Baselayer Undershirt

The Bottom Line:

Manual Outfitters ‘The Baselayer’ has an exceptional design that’s unlike any of the shirts in this roundup. You’ll feel the difference the second that you put it on. If you like to workout and want to look good while you’re at it, The Baselayer is a great option.

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8. Best No-Show: RibbedTee

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A note: Ribbed Tee is currently on Final Sale without any indication of when they’ll be back. A darn shame!

RibbedTee is a direct-to-consumer brand founded by Mike and Kim Schwarz in 2008. Their goal was to create the world’s most comfortable and best fitting undershirts, educating along the way, while helping people be more confident.

ribbed tee even tencel undershirt details
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S | RibbedTee | Price: $32

While RibbedTee might not be a massive, well known brand—in the world of undershirts—their reputation, dedication to quality and customer service is top tier.

They source all products locally in the USA from their Los Angeles-based manufacturing partners, the same ones they started with in 2008. Furthermore, RibbedTee isn’t just about selling undershirts, but in educating their customers through their frequently updated blog.

EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Undershirt

RibbedTee’s EVO TENCEL undershirt is made with 94% tencel fabric which is ultra soft and an excellent cooling material. These shirts are a perfect balance of fit and function. It has a similar style and design to the Mr. Davis Premium Tailored Undershirt in that there’s a tan option as well as the raglan sleeves.

Their undershirts are made with a lightweight and breathable material, it’s also rather sheer and even a little bit see through, which is good or bad depending on your preference. It’s not quite as silky feeling as Organic Basics’ TENCEL Lite Tee. However, it’s so light that sometimes it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all which is a huge benefit in my eyes. 

ribbed tee undershirt collar trim raglan sleeve
Ultra deep v-neck and raglan sleeves for extra discreetness.

There’s several reasons why this undershirt is the best no-show option in this roundup:

  1. The lightweight fabric and longer shirt length makes it optimal for tucking in and staying tucked in
  2. The deep v-neck and thin material ensures that it always stays hidden under your top layers
  3. The tan color option helps keep it more discreet under white dress shirts
  4. The neckline is more trim than any other undershirt I’ve worn
  5. The raglan sleeve design provides a more seamless fit
ribbed tee evo tencel undershirt fit
SHIRT DETAILS: Size S—94% TENCEL, 6% Spandex | EVO TENCEL Undershirt | Price: $32

RibbedTee undershirts come in a crew neck or deep v-neck, and in a white, light grey or tan color option. They don’t carry anything smaller than S or larger than XL which could be unfortunate for some, but there’s so much stretch to these shirts that most men are likely covered. In my experience the size small fits me well—I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs. for reference. And finally, RibbedTee undershirts do not shrink in a wash and dry cycle.

Shop RibbedTee Undershirts

RibbedTee EVO TENCEL Deep V-Neck Shirt Details:

  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Material: 94% TENCEL, 6% Spandex
  • Made In: USA
  • Colorways: 3
  • Price: $32

The Bottom Line:

RibbedTee’s undershirts are not only the ‘best no-show’ in this roundup, but they’re also some of the most comfortable and high-quality on the market. I’ve worn their EVO TENCEL undershirt for years now and recommend them highly.


Whether you wear undershirts or not, there’s no denying their functionality in keeping your body temperature regulated and your outer garments clean.

I hope you got some value out of this article and are equipped with information to help you in your next undershirt purchase. Cheers to your style!

A Note: Some of these shirts I’ve owned for a while and bought with my own money while others were provided as samples so big thanks to the brands who sent them along.

8 Best Undershirts for Men that Stay Tucked In 2020 (Tested & Compared) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Which undershirt brand(s) have you had good experience with?

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  1. eloprox says

    Nice detail in the reviews. Unfortunately I landed here while looking for a replacement for the EVO TENCEL given RibbedTee has all but closed up shop with only stock on-hand available as final sales conclude. It got worse when I started following links from the article and learned that Manual O’s Baselayer and Uniqlo are both final sale as well. At this rate maybe Davis will be able to claim world’s best…

    • Khoi Nguyen says

      Hey, thanks for stopping by. It’s unfortunate that RT is no longer producing undershirts (for the time being) as they are quite good. I’m not sure if the Baselayer from MO will be coming back either, a shame since their shirts are also great. Uniqlo on the other hand are in stock, I’ve updated the links in the article reflecting that.

      Best, -K

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