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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been working out in the same getup for years. Baggy t-shirt. Old mesh shorts. Beat up running shoes. You know, an outfit better suited to painting my house rather than going into public.

Ratty Workout Getup
Just Do It…Inside, away from the people.

Recently, I picked up a few new items to keep up with my exercise routine. I didn’t think much about it, but bought whatever looked cool, had great reviews, and would be comfortable in the gym.

A funny thing happened. When my clothes fit at the gym, I felt way more confident. I had one of the best workouts of my life that day. That got me thinking. We know that exercise can boost confidence. But we don’t hear much about how confidence can boost your exercise.


8 Workout Essentials to Boost Your Exercise and Look Good | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Gentleman Within has put together a list of 8 essentials for looking good, feeling more confident, and getting the most out of your workout. Whether you’re a weight-lifter, cross-fitter, runner, or Richard Simmons jazzercise fanatic, these 8 items will change the way you workout forever.

1. The Right Shoes

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Getting the right shoes or sneakers might seem easy. As long as your feet are covered, you’re good to go, right? Depending on what your exercise routine looks like, picking the right shoes can make a huge difference.

If you spend time on the treadmill or at the track, you’ll want running shoes. Running sneakers are softer and more flexible in the mid-section while remaining firm on the heel and toe. They’re designed to help take the repetitive pressure off your foot.

Pick the wrong shoes and you’ll start feeling pain in your legs and knees. You may even develop plantar fasciitis, which can take at least 6 months to heal.

The Right Workout Shoes
Source: Unsplash

If your runs are only a mile or so, we recommend New Balance Roav’s or Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes. These offer a great balance between style and function. They have enough support for casual runners. But if you put in more than 8 miles per week, you’ll want to go to a running store and spend some money on a shoe specifically for your foot.

If you’re not much of a runner, but love to hit the weights, check out these Adidas Powerlift Cross Trainers.

The hard heel and die-cut wedge in the center help keep your foot planted when you’re doing squats, deadlifts, or kettlebell swings. These exercises can be dangerous if your form isn’t right, and having the right shoe helps keep your gravity centered.

2. Compression Socks

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A study done at Stellenbosche University in South Africa recording the times of ultramarathon runners showed that those wearing compression socks were able to shave 12 minutes off their time.

While most lab research is inconclusive about whether compression socks offer a significant benefit to your performance, the socks have been proven to help with recovery.

Compression socks help bring full circulation to your legs and feet, which significantly reduces swelling.This means that you’ll cut down on the amount of recovery time you need after a long run.

The South African marathon runners with compression socks were ready to start training just three days after their big race. Not the case for the others.

Compression Socks
Source: Envato

When looking at compression socks, you’ll notice that each pair comes with a range going by the acronym mmHg. This is a scientific measurement meant to display how much pressure is applied.

15-20 mmHg of pressure is great for runners or if you’re doing an intense crossfit routine. This amount of pressure will help energize and relieve your legs and calves.

20-30 mmHg is as high as you want to go for any exercise routine, and it’s only appropriate for long runs like a half-marathon or more.

Anything above 30 mmHg is too much compression for a workout. Doctors prescribe compression socks at 30 mmHg. That’s beyond where we want to go.

On the lower end compression, we recommend these FITS Compression socks or Copper Compression socks. For a little more compression, we’d go with Cambivo compression socks.

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3. Moisture-Wicking Shirts

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I used to wear cotton shirts for my workouts every day. Cotton is great, but it holds on to all that sweat. You can imagine what 5 sweaty t-shirts sitting in a bin for a week smell like come laundry day. After a few whiffs of that, I started cycling shirts made of moisture-wicking material.

A shirt made with the right fabric won’t hold on to any nasty smells or odors. In fact, you don’t even have to dry them after washing. Just hang them up or put one on right away.

I noticed that exercise shirts tend to fit better as well. Since they’re made with a more athletic crowd in mind, there’s a bit less room around the stomach and waist as in other, run-of-the-mill shirts.

Moisture Wicking Shirt
Source: Unsplash

As far as a confidence boost goes, I’ll say that the shirt was the biggest factor in showing off my muscles at the gym. What’s the point of doing all those sweet bicep curls if your arms are hidden under loose, baggy sleeves?

We like the UA Tech short sleeve shirt from Under Armour or Baleaf workout shirt. The Baleaf shirt comes with a bit of reflective material on the sleeves for running at dawn and dusk like a championship boxer.

Under Armour’s shirts have more of a relaxed drape, though still fitted. While the sleeves on Baleaf shirts are slimmer, so they accentuate your arms more than a standard shirt. Even if you don’t have massive guns, you’ll get a bit of an illusory boost.

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4. Performance Shorts

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Performance shorts can help a surprising amount in the gym. This became clear when I had to interrupt my jump rope session six times to pull up my basketball shorts.

As with the moisture-wicking shirts, having a breathable lightweight fabric on your legs is a good idea. Especially if you have butt-sweat. This may be TMI for all you readers out there, but I suffer from butt-sweat (when I work out, not really any other times). I had to stay with darker color shorts so that no one could see the sheer amount of sweat down there.

Performance Shorts
Source: Unsplash

Since switching to performance shorts, no problem. I can wear royal blue shorts, red shorts, any shorts. I mean, that wasn’t something on my bucket list, but I have more options now.

For performance shorts, we like Hylete’s shorts with 4-way stretch and the Neleus 3-Pack shorts. I like getting the 3 pack because I can’t rewear without washing due to the aforementioned condition regarding butt-sweat.

The way Neleus has done the drawstring is nice, too. The two strings allow you to get a snug fit so they stay hiked whether you’re doing box jumps or squats.

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5. Compression Shorts

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Compression shorts — they’re shorts for under your shorts! Just like with compression socks, a pair of these will keep your blood flowing through your legs and will help with recovery.

Runners, bicyclists, and powerlifters all reported feeling a sense of increased exertion when wearing compression shorts during training. This means that they felt they were moving more weight with less effort. The perceived ability to do more actually transformed into better performance.

Compression Shorts
Source: NYMag

If you’re doing any sort of contact sports like boxing or martial arts, compression shorts are a must. They’ll help secure a cup so you won’t have to worry about any accidental cheap shots.

Made with moisture-wicking fabrics, compression shorts also help prevent chafing, which can be a massive problem for long-distance runners.I like using compression shorts when doing heavy lifting leg days. I feel a better sense of control over my squats, deadlifts, and box jumps. I only have one pair and I save them for my heavy leg day every week.

We like the Champion Powerflex and Hylete compression short. If you’ve never done a workout with compression shorts on, you’ll notice a difference right away.

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6. Workout Gloves

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Gloves are helpful in a handful of situations. I’ve seen some guys tear their hands up when doing heavy deadlifts.

For the most part, I don’t mind the callouses I get from working out. Guys hands shouldn’t be perfect. There’s charm in a little roughness.But if you’ve seen some of the gnarly blood blisters that heavy power-lifters get, you may be interested in a pair of workout gloves for those heavy days.

These Godzilla Grip open-back gloves fully protect your palms and the base of your fingers. They also provide support for your wrists. Pullups and chinups can be tough on the wrists, so a pair of Godzilla Grips works double duty.

Workout Gloves
Source: Uberlisted

And for runners, you might find yourself out during some chilly mornings and frosty nights. In that case, you’ll want a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. But some people prefer not to wear gloves at all because they can’t check their phone or use a touch screen.

These Lanyi gloves do a great job keeping away the cold while still allowing you to change the song on your phone. They’re light and more form-fitting than most other options out there.

An even lighter weight option are the Tech Running gloves from Nike. Having gloves with too much wiggle-room is a recipe for dropping your phone on the ground, tripping over your headphones, and tumbling into the bushes.

7. Headbands

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Nothing shuts a workout down like sweat in the eyes. It stings. That’s where the humble headband comes in.

If you’re a heavy sweater, a headband is a must. Chasing the sweat away from your eyes is too distracting and can move your focus off the task at hand. Plus, it can be dangerous. If you’re carrying a lot of weight, you can’t afford to have a drop of sweat roll into your eye.

Michael Cera Headband
Not just a fashion statement. | Source: Michael Cera in Juno

Headbands can help keep hair out of your face if you have longer hair, and they can keep your brow clear of stinging drops of sweat.

We like the French Fitness Revolution 6 pack. There are plenty of fancy headband technologies like “sweat channeling”, but I’ve found that a simple headband works well enough. By picking up six, you’re sure to have enough to get through the week and then some.

These are easy to wash in a pinch. Since they dry so quickly, they’ll be ready to wear right away.

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8. Headphones

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To round out our list, we added a heavy hitter — the head phones.

A great pair of headphones can help you block out the noise and focus on the task at hand. Haven’t you seen all those NBA players before a game?

For a lot of people, music is a must when working out.

A 2006 study concluded that music helped people run faster and longer on a treadmill. It not only relieved boredom, but helped participants get into a groove when running.

If that’s not a reason to bring a pair of earbuds, I don’t know what is.

Workout Earbuds
Source: Aftershokz

We like the over-ear Treblab Z2’s for their wireless capabilities. You never have to worry about pulling the cord and ripping your headphones off in the middle of a rep.

For earbuds, we like the Apple AirPods and the Senso Bluetooth earbuds. They’re more secure than headphones and are a good fit if you’re workout has a lot of cardio or cross training elements in it.

For outdoor runners, bone-conduction headsets are a must. You’re able to clearly hear your music, but because there’s nothing in your ear, you also keep your ability to hear the world outside.

For the best bone-conduction headset, we like AfterShokz. These even come with a reflective strip so you’re more visible out on the road.

Any way you choose to go, get the most out of your workout and pump the jams.


If you’ve been working out long enough, you’ll notice that you have plateau periods. It’s when you keep putting in the same effort, but you get fewer results.

Gym style can be like that, too. We don’t think about what we wear to the gym all that often, and it’s easy to get into a rut.

Try out one of these 8 workout boosting clothing items and tell us what difference you notice.

Were you able to lift more? Run faster? Bike longer?

More confident?

Just like we thought.

8 Workout Essentials to Boost Your Exercise and Look Good | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

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