How to Work from Home Sustainably: 10 WFH Tips for High Achievers

In this time of unknowns and discomfort, more of us than ever are being forced to develop new norms for our daily lives. We’re learning to grocery shop with social distancing, connect with our friends & family without being physically with them, and limit the way we live our lives on a daily basis, among many other things.  For so many of us, transitioning to a … [Read more...]

Cleaning Out Your Closet (It’s About Time..)

Ever feel like you have so much crap in your closet, but nothing to wear? An endless supply of shirts in all kinds of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors to ratty old t-shirts, sports jerseys, oversized hoodies, and baggy jeans from the early 2000s? You have so many options that it becomes crippling deciding what to wear. THE PROBLEM: Closet Clutter THE SOLUTION: Wardrobe … [Read more...]

Your Personal Style Journey (Does Style Matter?)

In this article I'm going to talk about a man's style journey and whether or not style matters. Umm, but Khoi, didn't you write a piece about why style is worth caring about? I did, but hear me out... It's pretty cliché, but life is a journey. A wondrous ride filled with endless ups and downs, stagnation and breakthroughs. In life—isn't it all … [Read more...]

The First Rule of Men’s Style (You Don’t Want to Break)

First things first: Ask any men's style blogger or enthusiast what the single most important factor in dressing well is. They will tell you the same thing. Fit is everything. If there's one thing I'd tell a guy looking to improve his style, it would be to build a wardrobe of clothing that fits. And by fits, I don't mean super skin tight like compression gear. You want … [Read more...]