Slammin’ Summer Style Sales 2021 (Including Our Favorite Picks)

Summer is essentially here fellas. It's time for tanks, tees and trips to the beach. ☀️  Below is a comprehensive list of newly updated style deals from a few dozen online retailers, big and small. We've curated our current faves to save you time incase you're looking to pick up some summer staples. Let's dive in. Slammin' Summer Style Sales 2021 Laid out from … [Read more...]

Men’s Spring & Summer Fashion Essentials (Timeless Trends)

What constitutes a men's style essential? I'd say that the folks over at Mr. Porter are always in the know when it comes to trendy and timeless classics.  Timeless trends, though? A bit of an oxymoron, but this article features trends that we believe will stand the test of time. In this article, we've provided 11 timeless spring & summer fashion trends for men, … [Read more...]

How to Wear A Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt (Styled 5 Ways)

The short sleeve button up shirt is a summer essential that deserves to be in every man's closet. In this article I provide fashion inspiration and tips on how to wear a short sleeve button up (also button down) shirt with style so you can avoid looking like Dwight Scrhute from The Office. I'm 5'6" for reference and so all of these outfits are ideal for guys of … [Read more...]

Best T-Shirt Brands for Men 2021 (Finding the Perfect Fit)

Sometimes it's a struggle when it comes to finding the perfect fit. And so that's why I put together this guide featuring some of the best men's t-shirts brands that I've been wearing for a while now. There are a lot of best t-shirt lists online, but I actually use and tested each brand in this roundup (some for many years) and so you can be sure that my recommendations … [Read more...]

How to Wear Shorts This Summer With Style

What if I told you that shorts can be stylish, ultra versatile, dressed up or dressed down, and worn with a myriad of different types of shoes — would you believe me? One of the reasons I started Gentleman Within is because my friends would ask me for style advice. I thought to myself, there's got to be other style conscious men out there — why not share what I … [Read more...]