5 Key Men’s Fashion Trends for 2020 & Beyond (Bulletproof Style)5 min read

Change is the only constant; that too rings true when it comes to men’s fashion. 

Best Men's Fashion Trends in 2020 & Beyond (Bulletproof Style) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Recently, in menswear we’ve seen some of the best men’s fashion trends like minimalism and tech wear to some downright horrendous trends like ugly dad trainers and overly distressed denim or worse, spray on jeans. 

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In this article, I touch on 5 key men’s fashion trends that I think will reign in 2020 and beyond. 


BEST MEN’S FASHION TRENDS for 2020 & Beyond (Bulletproof Style)

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First up on the list of men’s fashion trends for 2020 and the decade ahead is casual tailoring. It’s a similar concept to traditional tailoring except with a twist — no neckties or formal suits.

casual tailoring high low

Think a high low approach of putting together contrasting pieces in unexpected ways. For example a classic staple, navy blazer/jacket coupled with a statement piece like white pants. The white sneakers, chambray shirt and canvas belt, further dial down the dressiness of the blazer.

casual tailoring colors patterns

Casual tailoring is still refined, but more relaxed than wearing a traditional suit. Another way you can achieve this is by injecting bolder colors like olive or walnut and playful patterns like a gingham check into your outfits.

casual tailoring linen loafers

And another example of this is to play with textures and pieces that lean more casual like loafers. Linen is readymade for summer style and so a unique colored sport coat paired with cream trousers makes for a striking, and still put together outfit.

casual tailoring high waisted trousers tshirt

casual tailoring tshirt tucked in trousers

And also, casual tailoring can be achieved with high waisted trousers and a tucked in t-shirt paired with a sport coat/jacket and solid color sneakers like grey.

casual tailoring grey sneakers

Simply put, the main reason why these outfits work so well is because the all-important fit is on point. And it’s flawless fits that make casual tailoring a power move worth making in 2020 and beyond.


As the decade wears on, another trend is going to permeate menswear (not that it ever went away) and stay around for years, heck — probably decades to come.

gentleman lighting cigar

group of gentlemen

The second men’s style trend on the list is the return of the gentleman, not just in the way that we dress, but also in the way that we live our lives. Being a gentleman goes beyond what a man wears, it’s how he speaks, acts and presents himself to the world.

gentleman turtleneck under suit jacket

gentleman suit and braces

gentleman navy blazer accessories

I see classic styles prominently showcased like impeccably fitted double breasted suits and turtleneck sweaters under a suit jacket. Don’t forget the silk tie, lapel flowers, pocket squares and braces either. It’s full on gent mode.

peacoat waistcoat tie

Additionally, the underutilized and often misused waistcoat will be a much welcome layering piece. You can combine it with odd trousers, a woolen peacoat and subtly bold necktie for a refined aesthetic.

In the end, the gentleman is back fellas, and there’s more reason now than ever before in striving to be one.


Ready for the rushing tide of Carhartt x Nike collabs and the like? Neither am I, but they’re here.

workwear overshirt style

Workwear has become a stylish icon in the world of menswear where clean tailoring has reigned supreme for so long. These casual workhorses are here and here to stay.

workwear field jacket waxed canvas

workwear oversized overshirt

We’re talking oversized woolen overshirts and rugged staples like the field jacket and waxed canvas military jackets. And it’s workwear pieces like the chore jacket that strikes a perfect balance between durable work shirt and casual blazer.

workwear boots
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workwear workboots selvedge
Check out the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Review.

On the footwear side of things the work boot and even chunky studded sole boots, combined with thick selvedge denim will steal the spotlight during the fall and winter seasons.

One thing’s for certain, that workwear is where it’s at and it’s surely here to stay.

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The allure of accessories is how they can add visual interest to otherwise plain outfits. Since it’s so easy to get it wrong, the safest way to go about wearing accessories is to keep it simple. The following handful of accessories are going to be trending for the decade to come.


Our phones tell us what time it is, but there’s something to be said for wearing and getting the time from your watch instead of your mobile device. That said, watches can be stylish too.

accessories watches 2

From clean and minimal watch faces to colorful dials and wooden profiles, there’s so much that you can experiment with when it comes to wristwear. 

accessories watches 1

accessories watches 3

As weird as it sounds, when I leave the house without a watch on my wrist, I feel naked. Not sure if I’m the only one here.

If you’re just getting into watches and aren’t sure what type of watch to get, check out this article on the 3 watches every man needs.


Not much needs to be said about these year-round style essentials. Just like watches they’re stylish and functional. Be sure to go with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. 

accessories sunglasses

accessories sunglasses 1
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You’ll for sure be stylin’ and profilin’ anytime you put on those simple shades.


Weekenders, messengers, portfolios — these are 3 bags that every man should have in his closet. 

accessories weekender messenger portfolio bag

The weekender bag for those quick getaways, the messenger bag for daily commutes, and the portfolio for quick and easy access on-the-go.

accessories leather messenger bags

accessories messenger bag

Again, it’s all about style and functionality here. The beauty is when you combine these bags with accessories like sunglasses and watches as a way to complete any stylish outfit.


accessories necklace pendant

I’m not saying to rock gold chains around your neck like Mr. T, but a simple pendant necklace is not only tasteful, but easily adds style and flair to otherwise plain outfits.

Rings & Bracelets

accessories bracelets rings
Check out our Azuro Republic Beaded Bracelet feature.

As with necklaces, it’s easy to go overboard here. The key is to keep it simple for maximum effect. A single bracelet on one wrist and 1, maybe 2 or 3 rings max. 


This fashion trend makes my list two years in a row. It’s already a major trend in menswear, but in 2020 and the decade ahead, minimalism will continue in its prominence.

minimalism grey sneakers loafers

minimalism ocbd chinos sneakers

At the heart of minimalism are core menswear pieces like white or grey sneakers, sweatshirts, performance tech chinos and oxford cloth button downs. Think a neutral color palette like navy, tan, brown and grey.

minimalism casual jeans sneakers

An example of a stylish yet still minimalist fit are relaxed staples like slim fit, light wash jeans worn with a grey sweatshirt. Layer on a light overcoat or jacket with casual patch pockets and finish off the look with clean white trainers. Minimalism when done right is simply perfection.


And there you have it, Gentleman Within’s men’s fashion trends for 2020 and beyond.

Whether you are going to partake in some or most of these, just know that fashion is a cyclical beast and what’s new was once old and nothing is ever new and original. Most importantly, wear what you love and don’t pay too much attention to trends!

Best Men's Fashion Trends in 2020 & Beyond | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Which of these trends are you getting onboard with?

Let’s continue the discussion over in the Gentlemen Within Private Facebook Community.

Looking forward to seeing you in there.


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