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A man’s hair style and grooming habits are a big part of his overall personal style. Stylish hair and stylish clothes go hand in hand. An unkempt hair style will make or break your look.

My Current Hair Styling Routine Summer 2018 | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Knowing this and the fact that I’ve gotten many messages about why haven’t I started doing hair videos yet—prompted me to foray into the world of men’s hair styling and grooming.

MY HAIR ROUTINE | Short Asian Hair Tutorial For Men | Summer 2018

Over the years I’ve had lots of different hair styles and lengths. And I’ve tested a myriad of different products from waxes to pastes to pomades to clays. Creams, gels, fibers and so on.

I’ve also picked up lots of tips and tricks along the way, specifically what works and what doesn’t for straight and thick asian hair. To that end, I’m super excited to begin covering hair care and styling topics moving forward.


This post features my current hair styling routine for summer, some of the products I’m using and how you can emulate to style your shorter hair.


ECRU New York Paste and Wax | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

My hair is short for summer. For my haircut, I got a zero on the sides, faded up with a bit of length and texture on top. For hair products I’m using, I’ve got a dry wax from ECRU New York and I decided to cocktail it with ECRU Defining Paste. I don’t normally cocktail products, but figure I’d give it a go since I was at the salon and had all the products at my disposal.

The wax has a bit of a shine to it and a fairly light hold, while the paste is a bit thicker with a firmer hold. Hair paste is a highly versatile product for shorter or longer hair lengths and easy to wash out, which is why I used it fairly often. The combination of these two should provide a nice matte finish with a bit of a shine to it, which is nice for this shorter hair length.


Me Applying Hair Product
When cocktailing products, it helps when both achieve similar results.

I’ve applied a small dime amount of both products in my palm and then mix the two together by emulsifying the products between my hands. When it comes to styling shorter hair, there’s not much to it. You simply work your hands and fingers through your hair, styling and teasing the hair into place. I get the tips as well as the roots. This is important, not only with longer hair, but shorter hair as well.

Then, once you have your desired look, feel free to apply some finishing hair spray for a little bit of extra hold. To lock the hairspray, apply some heat with a blow dryer and voila—short summer hairstyle complete.


Hairspray Blow Dry Haircut Complete | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
Hairspray and a blowdryer can go a long way in completing a look, even with short hair.

I hope that you enjoyed this introductory post covering my hair styling routine this summer. Hopefully there will be many more hair styling posts and videos to come.


Leave a comment down below with any recommendations on what kinds of hair styling videos you’d like to see.

Or let’s continue the discussion over in the Gentlemen Within Private Facebook Community.

Looking forward to seeing you in there.


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  1. Stephen Lee says

    Hey Khoi, Love the hairstyle you showcased. As an asian myself, I’ve always had a hard time finding my style and hated the fact that the hair on my sides stick out. So it’s great to see the style look so good on you. Just curious, have you used BluMaan products before?

    • Khoi Nguyen says

      Hey Stephen, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Asian hair can be hard to tame sometimes. The puffiness when attempting to grow hair longer is perhaps the worst. Re BluMaan, I’ve never tried them before, although I am aware of the BluMaan YT channel.

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