Tiege Hanley Review: My Level 3 Skin Care System Experience & More13 min read

It’s time for my Tiege Hanley Review. It’s a brand you’ve probably heard of. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

Tiege Hanley Review: My Level 3 System Experience | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

2 Year Update: It’s been over two years since I’ve been using the Tiege Hanley Level 3 Skin Care System. For the 1 year mark I talk about why I’m still using it, my results, as well as answer a few commonly asked questions.
And for the 2 year update, I review the new Starter System and take a look at several new products (Wash Body Scrub, Wash Body Bar and Lip Balm). This article was originally published on 3/27/18.

Over 2 years ago I took a first look at the “uncomplicated skincare system” for men, otherwise known as Tiege Hanley. It’s a complete skincare system, founded by Aaron Marino of Alpha M, that’s ever popular and growing by the day.


REVIEW: Tiege Hanley Face Wash, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, Serum, Body Bar & Lip Balm [Long-Term]

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TL;DR: The all important question is whether or not it’s worth it. In short, yes, Tiege Hanley is worth it in my experience.

Since January 2018, Tiege Hanley has been my skincare system of choice, supplanting my old routine. Not to say my old routine was bad. In fact it was quite effective. As I always say, there’s no single solution when it comes to your skincare regimen. The important thing is finding one that works for you.


As mentioned above, Tiege Hanley is a complete male skincare system founded by the OG men’s style/lifestyle YouTuber, Aaron Marino of Alpha M. As of today, they’ve been on the market for 4 years, and have seen massive growth since inception. Tiege is formulated specifically to treat men with mild to moderate acne. 

The Tiege Hanley level 3 system has five different products, which may seem like a lot, especially if you (like me) use other products like a post shave lotion, acne cream, mud mask, etc…or if you have no prior experience with a skincare regimen. Even for me, it took a little while getting used to applying so many products to my face in the AM/PM.

But once I got used to the step-by-step process of applying each individual product, day and night, it seamlessly became a part of my morning and nightly routine, almost like a ritual.


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Tiege Hanley Skin Care System Level 3
The complete level 3 collection.

Tiege and I didn’t get off to the best start. About a week in to the Tiege Level 3 System, I started to feel a burning sensation on my face.

It was slight, but I felt irritation on my skin and it was noticeably a bit red as if I was going to break out. I also started to see areas around my face where some acne was showing up.

I decided to keep going and thankfully by week two and beyond things got better as I started hitting my stride with the products. Here is a breakdown of each product and how they worked for me.


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Tiege Hanley Daily Face Wash Instructions

Face wash is the essential of all skincare essentials. The Tiege Hanley face wash comes in a 2.5 fl. oz tube and has a pleasant, masculine scent. It doesn’t foam like many other face washes out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. In fact it’s gentle on the skin and helps to reduce redness and inflammation. I find that it’s a solid face wash and does everything a face wash should do.

I always have to wash my face every night before bed, no matter what. And the Tiege face wash is effective in cleaning all the dirt and excess oil that builds up throughout a long day. It just makes me feel cleaner and refreshed, even if I didn’t shower that night. I always use it twice daily, once in the morning and at night before bed. If there was only one skincare product that I could use, it would be a high-quality face wash.


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Tiege Hanley Facial Exfoliating Scrub Instructions

The exfoliating scrub is awesome. It’s my 2nd favorite product in the Tiege lineup. It’s not harsh and the micro beads give you the feeling like it’s working its magic. Afterwards you’ll feel a cooling sensation on the skin that I personally like. You use it twice per week in the AM as it clears your skin by removing the old/dead skin cells, allowing the fresh, young skin cells to come to the front.


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Tiege Hanley AM/PM Facial Firming Serum Instructions

I spoke with Josh from the Tiege Hanley team at Menfluential 2018 last year and he told me that the firming serum doesn’t work for everyone and that you can tell that it’s working if you can feel your skin begin to tighten up after applying it.

For me, the serum feels like it works, but I can’t tell how effective it actually is. My face tightens up slightly after applying the serum, but I couldn’t really see any noticeable changes. The serum is supposed to aid in the anti-aging process by helping to erase lines and wrinkles.

It took awhile for me to get used to using the serum first thing after using the face wash and scrub, as it’s a product I’ve never used before, but I actually grew to like it.

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Tiege Hanley AM/PM Eye Cream Instructions

My favorite product in the Tiege lineup is the eye cream, hands down, because it just works. Initially I followed Aaron’s tutorial video in applying the cream to my eyelids and crevices, BAD IDEA! my eyes burned like crazy and I felt like I wanted to cry.

And so, I went back to how I normally apply my eye cream, which is a very small amount on my ring finger, dabbing under my eyes, allowing for it to soak in and penetrate the skin.

This product works wonders. If I had to choose one product from the Tiege Hanley line, it would be the eye cream. I think they should offer it as a standalone product, it’s that good.


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Tiege Hanley Morning & Bedtime Facial Moisturizer Instructions

The AM/PM moisturizer are solid moisturizers that don’t leave your skin too oily afterwards which is great for me because I naturally have very oily skin. The AM moisturizer is nice in that it has 20 SPF.

Always good to kill 2 birds with one stone. I feel like the facial moisturizers should be larger, simply because the moisturizer is one of the products that I like to use a bit more than the others.

Tiege Hanley AM Moisturizer SPF 20

A quality moisturizer should keep your skin hydrated, and it’s a bonus that the Tiege AM moisturizer also provides protection from the sun. If you’re in a hot climate; however, you might not need to use as much moisturizer and at the same time, if you have naturally oily skin, I would use less moisturizer, which is what I do, especially in the summertime.

Also, something that I’ve noticed over the years — in comparison to several other premium skincare brands (Otis Skincare, Menaji, Vitaman, and Polished), the Tiege Hanley moisturiser makes my face slightly more oily. I have naturally shiny skin too which doesn’t help things. I combat this by either using less moisturizer or applying a matte creme before the moisturizer.

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Tiege Hanley continues to live up to their name “Uncomplicated Skincare for Men”. The Starter System is as uncomplicated as it gets and the perfect entry point into the world of men’s skincare.

Tiege Hanley Starter System
The Starter System is a great starting point for your skincare journey.

The TH Starter System is technically their Level 0 System. It’s simpler than the Level 1 System, containing only the face wash, AM moisturizer and a bonus lip balm included in your initial order. In essence the Starter System is for those who are on a budget and want to get a taste of what Tiege Hanley has to offer.

Premium Skin Care Products

I want to mention that over the past year since my last review, I’ve tested several other skincare brands from Otis Skincare, Curology, Down To Earth Skincare, Vitaman, and Polished. And while these might be higher quality skincare products, that quality comes with a considerably higher price point. Tiege is the most affordable of them all and makes it easy with all the essentials one would need.

And now let’s talk about a few new Tiege Hanley products, namely the Lip Balm, Wash Body Bar and Scrub Body Bar.


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The Tiege Lip Balm, just like the AM/PM moisturizer has a dual purpose. It both moisturizes and protects your lips with SPF 30. The scent is fantastic, it’s got the same exact scent as the new wash body bar.

Tiege Hanley Lip Balm SPF 30

The texture is smooth and you don’t have to apply all that much, just a bit and it will give off a bit of a glossy sheen, but nothing like a lip gloss or anything.

It contains raw materials of Rice Bran Wax and Jojoba Oil to help keep your lips hydrated and fight inflammation. All in all, it’s a great chapstick and is up there with some of my favorite lip balms, plus the SPF protection is a big bonus.


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Tiege Hanley Wash Body Bar Packaging

The Wash Body Bar is a basic bar of soap. It reminds me of a subtle lime scent which I actually prefer over the skincare products smell. I like the scent a lot.

Tiege Hanley Wash Body Bar

It’s not a strong scent by any means, but it’s still noticeably masculine and the soap’s scent doesn’t linger too long after your shower. It has small micro beads that feels like you’re getting a cleaner wash. All in all, the wash body bar is solid, and it’s packed with ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Aloe Leaf Juice and Vitamin E.


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Tiege Hanley Scrub Body Bar Packaging

The Tiege Hanley exfoliating face scrub is one of my favorite products of theirs and now they carry the equivalent exfoliation for your body with the scrub body bar.

I’m loving the Scrub Body Bar because it’s as satisfying of a feeling as the face scrub, except for your body. It doesn’t have a cooling sensation, but the fine micro beads provide a strong lather on your skin. You can literally feel the bar working its magic as you rub it across your body, arms and neck.

Tiege Hanley Scrub Body Bar

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to be gentle with the scrub bar as it can get pretty abrasive, but in a good way if that makes sense. And unlike the soap bar, the scrub bar leaves a stronger lingering scent which is actually quite nice.

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1 Year Update Below:

TIEGE HANLEY REVIEW: 1 Year Update | Why I'm Still Using It (Men's Skin Care Routine 2020)


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My Tiege Hanley Long Term Results
My long term results. Taken after a shower.

2 years later and the Tiege Hanley Level 3 System has become my go-to skincare routine. There are many other options out there, which I mentioned previously that I’ve been testing, but there’s a few reasons why I’m still using Tiege a few years later.

1. Has the Essentials

It has all the skincare essentials I need in a compact set that’s easily packable for travel. It’s a complete system and simple to use which is all I can ask for in a skincare routine.

2. Consistent & Effective

It’s proven to be consistent and effective over the course of 2 years. It does a great job of keeping my skin looking healthy, youthful and fresh while minimizing any type of breakouts.

In fact I haven’t had any breakouts over the past year and can recall about a handful of pimples here and there which is pretty much unavoidable when you factor in stress and lack of sleep which has been common for me.

3. A Few Favorites

My favorite skincare products from Tiege are still the eye cream and exfoliating scrub, and now also the lip balm and scrub body bar. These products have been super effective for me. The eye cream has kept dark circles and bags under my eyes at bay while combating crows feet. And the super serum has done well to minimize wrinkles on my forehead.

The exfoliating scrub’s cooling sensation is always a pleasant rush and surprise every time I use it (twice a week). I recently started using an exfoliating brush to get an even deeper cleanse and I think it’s been working so far.

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How To Use Tiege Hanley Instructions Card
Handy instruction manual that comes in every level of Tiege Hanley’s skin care system.

If you have no idea where to start with your skincare routine, TH conveniently provides an instruction card in every box with the exact steps, both morning and night.

Not only do they provide step-by-step instructions, but they also show you how much product (ideally) that you should be using, as well as additional information you might find useful. It’s a great guideline for men who like to closely follow instructions.


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Yes, the TH skincare system is perfect not only for oily skin, but dry skin, sensitive skin, and other skin types as well. According to the Tiege team, their chemist developed the product to directly address these areas.

As I mentioned above, I have naturally very oily skin and the level 3 system moisturizes without leaving my face shiny. Whenever I’ve used Cetaphil’s facial moisturizer in the past, it makes my skin more oily, whereas the Tiege Hanley serum and moisturizer do a great job toning down the oiliness.


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Everyone uses products at different rates. For example, I use skincare products more moderately and so they tend to last much longer.

  • Super Serum = 2 months
  • Facial Wash = 3-4 months
  • Facial Scrub = 4-5 months
  • Eye Cream = 4-5 months (I use about a quarter pump every night and morning)
  • AM/PM Moisturizer Cream = 3 months

Keep in mind that Tiege is subscription based and though you can cancel at anytime, all levels of Tiege Hanley are conveniently available on Amazon — Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3.


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According to them, Tiege Hanley products have a recommended 2-year shelf life. The only product with a definitive expiration date is their AM moisturizer which can be found at the top of the tube within the crimped section.

In my experience, the face wash lost its smooth texture after about a year. After recently using a bottle of face wash I had in storage for about a year, the consistency of the product was a little bit lumpy and no longer smooth.

The smell was still the same and the product didn’t lose its efficacy though. I’m not sure if this is a common issue, but it’s something I noticed and I thought worth mentioning.


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In the end, is Tiege Hanley worth it? I’d say that it definitely is, especially at its affordable price point.

Tiege Hanley 1 Month Progression | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Tiege Hanley Promotional StickerTiege Hanley’s level 3 system grew on me. At first I thought there were simply too many products and it felt burdensome. But you get used to it and it feels like each step is integral to the next. It’s like each product is another layer of added protection.

To be honest, at about week 2-3, I had doubts about Tiege. I started getting pimples and felt it wasn’t working, but I kept with it. And after a month and a half I felt that I’m hitting my stride and I’m getting Tiege’s full effectiveness.

I think that any guy interested in trying a new skincare routine or just getting into skincare products and taking care of their skin, Tiege is worth checking out. Try it for yourself and see if it works for you. I can say that it works for me after a bit of a bumpy start. The eye cream is incredible and one product that I love to use because it simply works wonders.

Original Review Below:

Tiege Hanley Review (Honest Opinion/Unsponsored) | Level 3 Skin Care System | Is It Worth It?

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And now, the all important question — is Tiege still worth it? If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be using it 2 years later. It’s affordable, has all the basics and skincare essentials any guy would need. And it’s super easy to pick up and make a part of your skincare regimen.

What’s great is that now they give you the option to mix and match your boxes and buy only what you like or need. some products you’ll use faster than others so it’s helpful that you can select specific products if you need them replenished and stay put with the others.

Tiege Dopp Kit
Try out Tiege Hanley and get a free dopp bag.

Though I’ve tried other skincare products, ultimately, I find myself coming back to the Tiege Level 3 system — especially when I fly because of how travel friendly it is. The smaller packaging makes it simple to throw into a dopp kit and easily pass through airport security.


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Tiege Hanley is not the end all be all when it comes to men’s skincare, but it is an excellent option. They are succeeding in spreading awareness to get men into skincare in the first place.

Men may know the benefits of having a daily routine, but are too lazy or don’t think it’s all that masculine to be using “beauty” products. But with the power of the Alpha M brand, he’s doing an amazing job getting word out why men should invest in TH.

Additionally, they’re solving a key pain point for men, which is simplifying the process for guys who are using a myriad of different brands. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single solution for your skincare? And that’s where Tiege ultimately excels.

So there ya go, here are my thoughts on TH. Go ahead and check them out if you haven’t yet — it lives up to the hype in my experience!

Been wanting to give Tiege Hanley a try? Enter code “GENTLEMANWITHIN” at checkout and receive a special free gift with your first box!

A note: The Tiege Hanley team sent me a level 3 system & starter system to review. Gentleman Within holds all control over editorial content.


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Tiege Hanley Level 3 Skincare System


Face Wash


Exfoliating Scrub


Super Serum


Eye Cream


AM/PM Moisturizer



  • Tremendous value
  • Has all the essentials
  • Allows for customization
  • It's a complete system
  • Affordable price point


  • Small product portions

  • 47


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