Under 5’10 Review: Stylish & Affordable Clothes for Short Men11 min read

This Under 510 Review is going to highlight core pieces from their current collection, including jeans, chinos, and joggers to tees, henleys, button downs, sweatshirts and more. 

Under 5'10 Review: Stylish & Affordable Clothes for Short Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Now, are they any good? That’s the million dollar question. 

Keep reading to find out.

What is Under 510?

Under 5’10 is one of the few men’s clothing brands dedicated to making clothes for the shorter demographic. Unsurprisingly, their clothes are designed specifically for men Under 5’10”.

under 510 shop by height
From 5’2″ – 5’9+, Under 5’10 has you covered.

They’re a relatively new company specializing in mainly stylish casual wear for young professionals. Joining the ranks of other specialty menswear shops like Peter Manning (first mover) and Ash & Erie (Shark Tank fame), Under 5’10 is out to earn its stripes.

The Under 510 Fit (Try-On Haul Video)

If you prefer video and would like to see me style 9 casual outfits, hit the play button below!

9 CASUAL OUTFITS for Short Men | Under 5'10 Review & Try-On (Men's Style & Fashion)

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the under 510 tops

Ultra Soft Polo Shirt

I got the ultra soft melange polo shirt in green I’ve got to say that the polo feels pretty luxe in terms of fabric weight and texture. It reminds me of the premium Banana Republic short sleeve henley that i have. It’s got this slightly shiny appearance to it as well.

melange ultra soft polo shirt
Ultra Soft Polo — Size XS // 55% polyester, 40% viscose, 5% spandex

I would have thought that it’s made of bamboo or supima cotton. Overall, I like the way the polo fits on my frame. It’s fitted through the sleeves and around my bicep, notice the ribbing details at the sleeves.

The collar also has this contrasting texture from the ribbed sleeve with a unique button-down feature which isn’t something you normally see on a polo shirt. nd so you can wear buttoned or unbuttoned depending on your desired aesthetic.

Check Polo Price

Short Sleeve Henley

I’ve gotta say, the Under 5’10 short sleeve henley fit is nearly flawless. The material is feels smooth with a slight shine to it. I’m personally loving the t-shirt’s drape, it’s not skin tight which allows for free flowing breathability.

black short sleeve henley tee
Short Sleeve Henley — Size S // 100% cotton

I also like how the sleeves hug my bicep. I went ahead and rolled the sleeves as I occasionally like to do, for an even sharper look. I have t-shirts from both Peter Manning and Ash & Erie, and Under 5’10’s tee is on par in terms of fit and quality.

Check Henley Tee Price

Long Sleeve Henley

As you can see, the fit is phenomenally on point, from the sleeves to the shoulder seams and the overall shirt length. It’s not too tight nor boxy, but just right. For guys under 5’10” looking for a well fitting henley shirt, you won’t be disappointed with the Under 5’10 long sleeve henley.

gray long sleeve henley
Long Sleeve Henley — Size S // 100% cotton

The quality also feels pretty good, it’s not the thickest of shirt fabrics, but not ultra-thin either. I did notice some QC issues with the henley in particular; there are a lot of loose threads which knocks in down a few points.

long sleeve henley loose threads

Finally, just like many of the other pieces in their collection, the Under 5’10 long sleeve henley comes in 5 versatile for easy styling potential.

Long Sleeve Henley Price

Heavyweight Overshirt

The Under 510 heavyweight overshirt is one of my favorite pieces in their entire collection. It certainly exudes some serious workwear undertones. As a shorter guy, I find it hard to find overshirts that actually fit and so it’s really refreshing putting this one on.

olive heavyweight overshirt
Heavyweight Overshirt — Size S // 100% cotton

Similar to their other tops the overshirts have high armholes which help to create a better fit. In addition to the fantastic fit, it’s made with a 100% heavyweight cotton twill which feels pretty substantial and high quality, and there’s a soft texture to the fabric. You can rock it buttoned or unbuttoned and it looks great either way.

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Button Down Dress Shirt

The Under 5’10 black oxford button-down shirt has black is in the name, but it’s actually pretty light as you can see. It features a more prominent cutaway collar which looks great with or without a tie.

under 510 button down dress shirt
Oxford Button Down Shirt — Size XS // 100% cotton

I probably could have benefited from sizing up to a small here. The XS on this shirt is a bit too restricting for me and since the oxford has no stretch whatsoever. It’s a slight bummer as that would make for a much more comfortable fit if it had the proper stretch.

Check Button Down Price

French Terry Crew Sweatshirt

The Under 5’10 athletic inspired classic long sleeve sweatshirt is forever a style staple. Here, I’m rocking it not in gray but a more distinctive burgundy color.

burgundy french terry crew sweatshirt
French Terry Crew Sweatshirt — Size S // 100% cotton

French Terry fabric is known for its soft properties and being a tried and true sweatpant or sweatshirt fabric. Ultimately, it’s not always easy finding a properly fitting sweatshirt as a shorter guy, so kudos to Under 5’10 on this one.

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the under 510 bottoms

Bruce Slim Tapered Fit Jean

This is the skinniest pair of jeans that Under 5’10 offers. First up is the Bruce slim tapered fit jean in a gray slub. They recommend this pair for guys with thin builds and thin legs and I can see why.

bruce slim tapered fit jean gray slub
Gray Slim Tapered Fit Jean — Size 28x26 // 98% cotton, 2% spandex

If I had a choice the Bruce wouldn’t be it, it fits almost uncomfortably tight on my frame, wearing like painted on jeans which isn’t the most flattering for most guys. However, if you’re a slimmer guy or just love your jeans extra skinny, then I think you’ll dig this pair.

Check Bruce Jean Price

Next, we’ve got the Bruce tapered fit jean in a dark wash. It’s my favorite color of jean to wear mainly because of its versatility. Dark jeans literally go with anything. As for the fit, the dark blue Bruce runs slim in the waist and down the legs.

bruce slim tapered fit jean dark wash
Blue Slim Tapered Fit Jean — Size 28x27 // 92% cotton, 7% polyester, 1% spandex

While I still consider it a skinny jean it feels and fits much better than the gray slub pair in my opinion. It also has a better stretch and sits slightly higher on my waist as well which adds to the comfort. All in all the dark wash Bruce is a solid pair of jeans.

Check Bruce Jean Price

Kingston 2.0 Slim Xtreme Stretch Jean

The Kingston 2.0 slim tapered stretch jean certainly earns the extreme in its name. The stretch on these jeans (4% spandex) is exceptional. It’s the only pair that stretches in the waistband similar to sweatpants.

kingston slim xtreme stretch jean
Black Slim Xtreme Stretch Jean — Size 28x26 // 74% cotton, 22% polyester, 4% spandex

The only other pairs of jeans in my collection with a stretchy waistband is the Express Hyper Stretch jeans, American Eagle’s Flex Stretch and Uniqlo’s Ultra-Stretch jeans. I find that having that stretchy waistband always adds to the comfort of the jeans.

The Kingston has a skinny jean aesthetic and is comparable to the Bruce in blue. I prefer the Kingston’s highly stretchable fabric much more though. Ultimately it’s the stretch and the black color option that won me over. These jeans simply look fantastic with a black monochrome fit

Check Kingston 2.0 Price

Xavier Sorbtek Jean

And now onto one of my favorites, dark wash indigo jeans, forever a classic. It can surely amp up those workwear vibes to any fit. Dark wash denim is ultra-versatile, you can easily dress it up or down, day or night.

xavier sorbtek dark wash jean
U-510 Xavier, Made in Mexico.

Staying true to Under 510’s focus on comfort, the stretch on the Xavier is on par with its other jeans styles. It has a slim, tapered fit that’s certainly my favorite jeans fit in their entire collection.

It’s a nice middle ground between skinny and straight, fitting like a true slim jean. Some of the other fits like the gray Bruce for example are a bit too tight for my taste.

xavier sorbtek dark wash jean
Dark Wash Slim Jean — Size 30x27 // 74% cotton, 24% recycled polyester, 2% spandex

If you’re curious about the name Sorbtek, this pair of jeans comes from a recycled polyester material that comprises 24% of the jeans fabric the rest is 74% cotton and 2% elastane for that all-important stretch.

Check Xavier Jean Price

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Jon 2.0 Performance Pants

And now onto the elevated John 2.0 performance five pocket pants in a gray color. I personally love wearing gray since it’s neutral and can serve as the anchor for virtually any outfit.

This pair is not skin tight nor is it baggy, but just right. The fit looks a little loose because this is a 30 waist i’m normally a 28, 29 for reference, although even at 30 it still fits pretty well, and it’s nothing that a canvas belt can’t fix.

jon performance pants gray
Gray Slim Performance Pants — Size 30x27 // 86% nylon, 14% elastane

The Jon 2.0 is made of 86% nylon and a whopping 14% elastane which is no surprise since the stretch on these pants is incredible. It’s just what you’d expect from a pair of performance chinos. 

To compare, I have a gray pair of chinos from Woody’s Clothing, and i’ve gotta say that Under 5’10’s trumps them in terms of fit, comfort and price. Finally, as for that fifth pocket, there is a concealed zip pocket on the right side which is perfect placement for any valuables like a wallet or phone, which is particularly handy for that next trip to Six Flags or Disney World.

Check Jon 2.0 Price

An Older Iteration

To show you that Under 5’10 is dedicated to improving their collections over time, here is an older version of the performance pant from last season. The fit on this pair was much more snug as you can see.

jon performance pants blue
Navy Slim Performance Pants — Size 28x27 // 86% nylon, 14% elastane

I personally prefer the updated versions fit, so good on them for making the change. Even with the tightness here it’s still pretty comfortable because of that incredible stretch. I actually went on a 12 mile hike through the Appalachian Trail last fall wearing these pants and I had no issues whatsoever.

Check Jon 2.0 Price

Simon 2.0 Chino Pant

Since things are starting to warm up finally I decided to keep things light with the Simon 2.0 cloud
chino, which is like an off-white light grayish color.

simon 20 chino pant
Cloud Slim Chino Pant — Size 30x27 // 98% nylon, 2% elastane

The material is also pretty lightweight which makes warm weather appropriate. It’s got a much welcome 2% spandex, if you’ve ever worn chinos without stretch it’s borderline unwearable.

Unsurprisingly the fit of these chinos are on point just like the other bottoms in their collection. In Under 5’10 fashion, they offer six additional color options to satisfy the pickiest of tastes.

Check Simon 2.0 Chino Price

French Terry Jogger Sweatpants

And now, let’s get into some athleisure style. So I know that many of us probably spent well over a year rocking joggers and sweats, but I don’t know about you I’m not sick of it quite yet and I don’t think it’ll be going away anytime soon.

french terry jogger sweatpant
Gray French Terry Jogger — Size 30x26 // 100% cotton

Thankfully, if you have properly fitting sweats they can actually look good too and be wearable out for errands or to the grocery store or just lounging around the house.

This gray pair is Under 510’s French Terry jogger. The rise on these sweats is pretty high sitting near the navel which I like. Overall it is slim fitting in the waist and down through the thighs. It’s also tapered through the legs, although it is still slightly loose but far from looking sloppy. It’s got standard front pockets and a back right pocket with the usual drawstrings in the front. 

French Terry Jogger Price

Tyson Jogger

And last, but not least onto the  gym appropriate Tyson jogger in navy, It has a softer and smoother texture than the french terry jogger, with even more stretch. The fit is a bit more snug too, so you’re sure to look great if you do choose to wear these joggers as gym attire.

tyson jogger in navy
Navy Jogger Pants — Size 30x26 // 100% polyester

What I like about this pair are the convenient zip pockets to keep your phone, wallet and keys safe. If i had to choose I would actually prefer the Tyson jogger because i feel that it has a better fit and the performance factor gives it slight edge. Just like the French Terry jogger, it also comes in gray and black colors.

Check Tyson Jogger Price

How Is Under 510 Quality?

The price to performance of Under 5’10 is exceptional. While its prices are higher than that of fast fashion brands like H&M or ASOS, the quality is much higher too. In terms of quality, they’re about on-par with Uniqlo, GAP, Express and American Eagle with a slightly lower price point.

Include the fact that there’s no real tailor tax thrown in to increase the premium, Under 5’10 is an absolute steal when it comes to bang for your buck.

If I had to make a comparison, I’d say that the clothing have the closest feeling to that of Uniqlo and even some other brands they’re competitive with like Peter Manning and Ash & Erie.

What’s To Love About Under 510?

If you’re a longtime GW reader then you know that we love to focus on the fit of one’s clothing. It really is what can make or break an outfit. It is the First Rule of Menswear, afterall.

And perhaps what I love most about Under 5’10 is that they focus on the fit of the clothing for shorter men. It’s long been an underserved demographic in America and around the world and so it’s always a joy to see brands who are addressing this need.

Shop Under 5’10

Finding the Perfect Fit

Additionally, I’ve found that the sizing, product details, and product descriptions are extremely helpful, which separates them from other brands.

Under 5’10 is all about finding the perfect fit for their customers. I found the How to Measure Inseam guide is very helpful as well.

Shop By Height Page

Finally, I find this shop by height page highly convenient. I haven’t seen any other brand do this.

They’ve essentially created height profiles of various men from 5’2″ to 5’9″ and fully fleshed out stats, what sizes he wears and a breakdown of his preferences. I find this super helpful. And so, if you’re unsure of your sizes, you’ll definitely want to drop by this page.

Areas For Improvement

While there’s lots to love about Under 5’10, there are some areas for improvement. The first being that they don’t offer clothing for men over 5’10” which is disappointing to all the taller guys out there.

I’ve had some people message me and even some friends ask about the brand, only to be disappointed. Not this time taller gents, this brand is for us short guys.

Another area that Under 5’10 could improve upon is their QC. Many of the items I received had more loose threads than I would like. A few here and there is okay, but it seems that some of the knitwear, particularly the henley’s sleeves had numerous

Check Under 5’10 Prices

Pros & Cons


  • Strong emphasis on finding the perfect fit
  • Price to performance is exceptional
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Free returns & exchanges
  • Exceptionally strong casual wear collection
  • The fit is on point


  • Quality control is lacking in some areas
  • Not much of an emphasis on smart casual staples
  • Nothing for guys over 5’10” (kidding)


And that wraps up this Under 5’10 Review highlighting their current collection. If you’re a fellow 5’10” and under, I hope that you found this helpful!

Under 5'10 Review: Stylish & Affordable Clothes for Short Men | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

A note: The pieces in this review were complimentary. These are the editor’s thoughts and opinions based on his experience. Gentleman Within holds all control over editorial content.


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