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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing clothes that fits your body for the first time—whether you’re tall or short, big or skinny.

Ash and Erie Review | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

For shorter guys, especially, that feeling can be magical. Shorter guys, under the average (American) height of 5’8″ who dress well are impressive because for one, they’ve learned how to dress well which is an art in itself, and two it’s hard as hell finding quality clothes that actually fits without the help of a tailor.

To make things worse, most major fashion retailers and stores at the mall discriminate against short guys. You’ll always find big & tall, but nothing labeled for shorter gents.

But what if I told you as a shorter man, you can shop for clothes online that fits your body perfectly, off-the-rack without any alterations, would you be willing to pay a premium?

Enter Ash & Erie.

Check out this accompanying video that demonstrates how Ash & Erie clothing fits on my 5’6″, 135-ish frame.

Ash & Erie Fit Check & Review | Clothes For Short Men

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Ash and Erie on Shark Tank | GENTLEMAN WITHIN
The founders of Ash & Erie pitching the sharks on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

Ash & Erie is an American made brand, formerly called Ash & Anvil. They’re based out of Detroit, Michigan, founded by Eric Huang and Steven Mazur. Currently, they offer a range of quality casual wear from button down shirts to jeans for men of modest height (5’8″ and under). Last year they made a Shark Tank appearance and actually struck a deal with Mark Cuban, a small win for all men of modest height.


Ash and Erie Pink Flamingo Summerweight Shirt
Nothing like a statement shirt for the summertime.

Ash & Erie summer weight shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton, but I’m sure you could shrink it a bit further with a wash/dry cycle. The label states that you can hang dry for no shrinkage which is what I typically do with all my button down shirts.

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These summer weight shirts are designed to be worn untucked which is just the way I like to wear my button ups in the summertime and pretty much year-round. For sizing, they have XS to XXL and Slim or Standard fit. I always opt for slim when there’s the option and I’m glad I did because the shirts fit me well. Not too tight and just the right amount of looseness that I like in a summer shirt.

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Since it’s summer, I chose a bold print shirt in pink with flamingos and palm trees which is a great way to add some extra flair to your look. It’s beach appropriate, sure to attract attention, and stylish.

Ash and Erie Casual Gingham Shirt
Check the Ash & Erie logo across the button. Nice, small detail.

The other summer weight shirt I picked was a bit more subdued. It’s a color and pattern that will transition well into early fall. I love the gingham checks too. The smaller squares are proportionate and perfectly suited for shorter guys.

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Coming in at $89, these shirts aren’t cheap. They’re a bit more affordable than competitor Peter Manning NYC, however at $89 they’re still a bit pricey in my opinion, considering I can get a similar quality at J.Crew, Banana Republic, or even UNIQLO for less. I do understand that you’re paying a bit of a premium for perfectly fitting clothes, however. And in my opinion the Ash & Erie shirts fit me better than any mall brand.

Ash and Erie Difference
Notice the little details that make a big difference in terms of fit for shorter men.
Ash and Erie Summer Shirts Collection
Ash & Erie really nailed their summer shirts collection.

Shop Ash & Erie Summer Shirts


The everyday short sleeve shirts feel the same as the long sleeve shirts, 100% pre-shrunk cotton. They fit great with options from XS to XXL. Currently they have fun foliage and cat patterns as well as classic check, solid and dotted ones.

They carry all of the neutral colors (blue, gray, white) that look great on men of all skin tones. A bit more variety would be nice to mix it up, however I’m fine with the colorways and patterns that they currently offer.

Ash and Erie Short Sleeve Shirt
It’s all in the details. Notice, the small floral pattern is visible up close.

If I have any qualms it’s that I feel the shirts could have a bit more weight to them. I get that the summer shirts should have a lightweight, breathable, and flowy nature to them, but the everyday shirts feel quite similar.

Shop Ash & Erie Everyday Shirts


Ash and Erie Indigo Jeans
Simple logo, clean contrast stitching.

In addition to the 3 shirts I got from Ash & Erie, I picked up a pair of dark blue, indigo wash jeans. I’m a huge fan of dark wash denim, so much so that I dedicated an entire in-depth article to them.

The indigo wash is a perfect shade of blue. I know for sure that it will bleed in the wash if I don’t use a detergent like Woolite dark. Personally, I don’t wash my jeans often and never dry them. I always hang dry my denim. And when I do wash my jeans, I wash them with other darks on the coldest setting.

As for the Ash & Erie jeans, they fit really well. They’re definitely a slim or even skinny fit as they hug my bottom, thighs and legs.

Of course it’s personal preference, but I have a couple of small criticisms.


  1. The leg opening could be a half inch shorter. The size I got 29x27 has a 6.5″ ankle opening and I feel 6″ would be more proportionate considering how slim the leg is overall.
  2. The pants rise is a bit low in my opinion. These days I prefer a mid-high rise in which the pants sit a little over an inch below my navel. The Ash & Erie jeans fit like a true low rise.
  3. There’s only 1% elastane which doesn’t allow for much stretch. I appreciate that there is a tiny bit of stretch, but it’s not enough. Even 2-3% would make the fit much more comfortable in my opinion.

Besides these minor criticisms, however, the pants are excellent in terms of aesthetic, fit and feel. I wish they had a light wash color as I’d add that to my collection as well.

Ash and Erie Jeans Details
Ash & Erie indigo jeans details.

Shop Ash & Erie Jeans


Ash & Erie is a great clothing option for shorter the shorter man, 5’8″ and under. They’re a bit more expensive than some of the regulars you’ll find at the mall (GAP, Banana Republic, J. Crew) after discounts.

They do have a nice selection of casual shirts at the moment and I can see them continuing to expand in the future. At least I hope they do because that’s a win for all shorter guys in my opinion.

Considering around 30% of the population is less than average height and so it’s great when there are brands out there who cater specifically to this demographic.

There aren’t many of them, but the ones addressing this issue head on like Peter Manning NYC, Ash & Erie, Sharp Casualwear, I tip my hat to them.

A note: This is not a sponsored post, however; Ash & Erie did provide the articles of clothing in this review. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience. Gentleman Within will always hold control over all editorial content.

If you’re curious about Ash & Erie. Discount code “WELCOME15” and get 15% off your first order.


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