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In this post I’ll be diving deep with this Gentleman’s Box review. There’s no denying women love to accessorize. It’s their way of making a statement, whether in a more subtle or in-your-face kind of way. But accessories for men? I’d say we can learn a thing or two from the ladies in our lives.

By incorporating accessories into your everyday getups, you’ll begin to separate yourself from every other guy out there. And you don’t have to go crazy. You can start small with one complementary piece at a time.

Do you like ties, pocket squares, tie bars, and sunglasses? Or are you interested in incorporating those pieces into your wardrobe? If your answer is yes, then you’ll love Gentleman’s Box.

And if you want to check out reviews of previous boxes, I’ve got those right here.

Gentleman's Box Review | Accessories For Men | Gentleman Within

I met John Haji the COO/Co-Founder and Shane Torrey, Marketing Associate of Gentleman’s Box at StyleCon 2017 (newly minted Menfluential Conference 2018.) They were two of the friendliest guys I met that weekend. We spoke at length about the market for men’s style subscription boxes and what separates their offering from the rest.

Right before a panel was set to begin, John and Shane said they wanted to send me a box. I’m always down to try new products so I agreed. And of course if I like the product, I’d be glad to endorse them. Since you’re reading this article, you know how it turned out.

Before we start, if you already know Gentleman’s Box is for you, they were kind enough to provide Gentleman Within readers with a special discount.

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Remember you can cancel at any time or put your subscription on pause for a 30 day hold if you want.


It’s a monthly box service that exploded into the men’s style scene in 2014. Each month’s box contains accessories for men, particularly lifestyle and grooming essentials that are perfect for the savvy man. And better yet, each box is carefully curated around a unique theme designed around noteworthy men. The contents inside every box are brilliantly crafted and chosen in essence of the featured gentleman’s legacy.

PRESENTATIONGentleman's Box Opened

Presentation matters. And Gentleman’s Box packaging delivers. There’s a wood grain look to every box giving off a classic, manly aesthetic. On the inside, their mantra of “Look Good, Feel Good, Be Good” is front and center. Looks great, right?

February’s theme is The “Legend” Box, in honor of the great John Legend. The Gentleman’s Post booklet that’s included in every box is a nice accompanying piece. More on that later.

Each box has a retail value of at least $75. One of their boxes from last year had a retail value of over $200. Talk about a steal.

Alright, so everything looks good, but how does it work?

How Gentleman's Box Works
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  • A conversation starter: Do you loathe actually approaching people you don’t know at parties or events? Well…if you’re wearing an interesting accessory, like a classy lapel pin or sophisticated pocket square, people may come to you.
  • Separate yourself from the pack: Like Bon Jovi said, “[you] don’t want to be another face in the crowd,” so let yourself be heard and don’t be afraid to express yourself through style.
  • Appear more stylish: Enough said.
  • Form meets function: Accessories not only adds flair to an outfit—it serves a purpose. For example, a watch tells time, a tie bar keeps your tie in place, a belt keeps your pants up, scarves keep your neck warm, and so forth.
  • Foster your creativity: As you start adding accessories into the mix, you’ll begin to develop a knack for pairing them. You’ll figure out what colors and patterns can go together. Gentleman’s Box has a style guide inside every box that will help you with this.
  • Expand your (style) comfort zone: With each box, you’ll come across products you would have never purchased on your own. Embrace something different for a change and try something new, you might even find yourself a new go-to.
  • Be on trend: Each box comes with a yearly subscription to GQ to keep you up-to-date on the latest in men’s style and fashion.
February Legend Box Products
The “Legend” Box came with an awesome sock, tie and pocket square combo with a unique grooming comb and face wash samples


February’s Gentleman’s Box contains quality products that I see myself making use of time and again. I particularly love the Detroit grooming comb that doubles as a bottle opener.

But hands down, my favorite thing about Gent’s Box is the mini-magazine, dubbed “The Gentleman’s Post.” At StyleCon, John was telling me what differentiated them from other men’s style boxes. In addition to curating items that complement well, but can also stand alone—each box includes a lovingly crafted leaflet like the one seen below.

The Gentleman's Post
Part style guide, part advice column, part self-improvement manual

The Gentleman’s Post is broken into three sections of “Look Good, Feel Good, Be Good.”

  • Look Good features the fashion products from the box and gives you inspiration on how to wear them.
  • Feel Good details the grooming products and gives advice on improving mental health for example.
  • Be Good offers ways to support good causes, for example their #GentlemansChallenge, in which you wear red in support of American Heart Month. The section also included some quick relationship tips on how to make them last.

The booklet shows that they care about their customers. It features Gentleman’s Box members with Q&A’s and their posts from social media. It’s a great way for them to engage their loyal supporters.

There really is a sense of community around the Gentleman’s Box.

Friday got me like…swipe for a behind the scenes look.

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Gentleman’s Box is a grand slam in the world of men’s subscription boxes. From their thoughtfully curated products to the unique Gentleman’s Post booklet, it’s the perfect service for men who want to level up their style and tap into the gentleman within.

Is a subscription service like the Gentleman’s Box for you?

Are you an accessories guy? Does the idea of getting ties, pocket squares, socks and other sweet accessories on a monthly basis excite you? Looking to upgrade your style or change it completely? Then you may be a prime candidate. And at just $25 a month with the ability to cancel at anytime, it’s definitely worth checking out. As a bonus, you get a new issue of GQ Magazine with each box.

Don’t forget to take a look at some of their other month’s boxes so you know what you can expect.

Remember, you can use: GENTWITHIN & Get $10 Off Your First Gentleman’s Box.

Yesterday’s getup—flatlayed. #zerobrandloyalty

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