Men’s Spring & Summer Fashion Essentials (Timeless Trends)11 min read

What constitutes a men’s style essential? I’d say that the folks over at Mr. Porter are always in the know when it comes to trendy and timeless classics. 

Spring & Summer Fashion Essentials for Men (Timeless Trends) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN

Timeless trends, though? A bit of an oxymoron, but this article features trends that we believe will stand the test of time.

In this article, we’ve provided 11 timeless spring & summer fashion trends for men, featuring core pieces from the Mr P. Collection. For the budget conscious, I’ve provided much more affordable alternatives as well. 

Let’s get started.

11 Timeless Spring & Summer Fashion Trends for Men (w/ Mr. Porter)

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1. Spring And Summer Tailoring

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spring summer tailoring 1
Unstructured Herringbone & Cashmere Blazer

As the warmer weather approaches, it’s hard to go wrong with some spring & summer tailoring. We’re talking about clean, casual suiting anchored primarily by the lightweight, unconstructed sport coat like a navy blazer. The linen button up shirt is also an excellent option to spruce up your spring and summer get ups.

Shop Spring & Summer Tailoring



spring summer tailoring 2
Navy Sportcoat Collection

To mix things up on those cooler spring and summer days, a flawlessly fitting denim jacket is a fine choice to keep an air of casualness while still remaining refined.

spring summer tailoring 3
Mr. Porter Denim Jacket Collection

These are all clean fits to play with. Of course, it’s all in the little details when it comes to spring and summer tailoring. For example, a getup consisting of linen trousers, sueded out loafers and an odd jacket pairing is a superb summer fit.

2. Basic Cotton T-Shirt

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The basic tee is a forever classic that all men need in their spring and summer rotations. The timeless t-shirt always looks and feels right.

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basic cotton tshirt 1
Melange Cotton and Linen Blend T-Shirt
basic cotton tshirt 2
Knitted Space Dyed Tee in Green
basic cotton tshirt 3
Knitted Space Dyed Tee in Tan

Any list of men’s spring and summer essentials is incomplete without a clean tee, whether you spend ten dollars or a hundred, you’ll want to have a handful of these in your regular rotation.

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3. Drawstring Pants

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Casual and comfortable drawstring trousers fit the bill when it comes to spring and summer styling for those nonchalant, relaxed vibes. They’re more lightweight than sweats and chinos too. I recommend a beige, cream or blue in fabrics like lightweight cotton or linen.

Shop Drawstring Pants

drawstring trousers 1
Luxe Drawstring Pants
drawstring trousers 2
Lightweight Drawstring Pant

Rock ’em with sandals or sneakers or for the more daring a pair of tassel loafers. Whatever you decide, drawstring trousers should have a stranglehold on your spring and summer rotations.

4. The Printed Camp Collar Shirt

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The camp collar short sleeve shirt is and has always been underrated as a summer staple. This year I’m in ardent support of the camp-collar printed shirt for spring/summer. It’s as relaxed as you want to be, making it the perfect vacation shirt.

camp collar shirt 2
Camp-Collar Floral Print Cotton Shirt
camp collar shirt 5
Camp-Collar Printed Voile Shirt
camp collar shirt 3
Travis Camp-Collar Floral Print Shirt

Shop Camp Collar Shirts



camp collar shirt 4
Camp-Collar TENCEL and Linen-Blend Shirt

camp collar shirt 1

camp collar shirt 6
Camp-Collar Printed Cotton Shirt

You can’t go wrong with bold stripes or floral prints for a casual, cool Italian influence. Combine it with a pair of relaxed pleated trousers and you have yourself a winning combination.

5. Pleated Shorts & Trousers

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pleated shorts 2
Mr P. Pleated Cotton-Twill Shorts

If you’re looking for that structured piece that can elevate your everyday outfits, look no further than a pair of pleated shorts and trousers. Mr. Porter really nails it when it comes to this spring and summer stalwart.

Shop Pleated Shorts

Shop Pleated Trousers

pleated trousers 1

The colors I recommend are olive and gray. What I like most about pleated shorts/pants is that their elegance can elevate more casual fits and lend and air of subtle sophistication to your summer getups.

pleated shorts 3
Rubinacci Manny Pleated Cotton Shorts

6. Bomber Jackets

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Ahhh, the classic bomber jacket. This is a trendy, yet still timeless outerwear garment that will never get old. Whether it’s a refined cotton bomber, varsity jacket or suede bomber jacket…you’ll be sure to stay styling in this spring/summer essential.

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bomber jacket ss 1
Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Bomber Jacket

Shop Bomber Jackets



bomber jacket ss 3
Affordable ASOS Bomber Jackets Collection

What I love most about the bomber jacket is its versatility. You can easily dress it up or dress it down regardless of season. Especially in the spring and summer months, this is a jacket that will get you through long days and nights in effortless style, striking the perfect balance between statement and staple.


bomber jacket ss 2
Rag & Bone Nylon Bomber Jacket

7. Loafers & Espadrilles

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summer suede loafers 1
Loewe Suede and Full-Grain Leather Penny Loafers

Whenever I think about warm and hot weather footwear, the loafer and espadrilles come to mind. An eternal classic, the suede or leather loafer’s allure lies in its versatility. Straddling the fence between casual and formal, the loafer looks superb suited up or with a more casual aesthetic.

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summer espadrilles 2

Loro Piana Chambray Espadrilles

summer espadrilles 4
Rivieras Cotton-Mesh and Canvas Espadrilles

Similarly a pair of canvas or knit espadrilles, though more casual than the loafer is suitable not only for its looks, but its functionality, keeping you cool and still stylish during the hottest of summer months.

summer suede loafers 3
Tod’s Gommino Suede Driving Shoes
summer loafers 5
 J.M. Weston 180 Moccasin Grained-Leather Loafers

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8. Yellow & Gray Pantone (Bold & Muted Colors)

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As a designer, I’m obligated to know what the trending colors of the year are. And for 2021, those colors are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow).

yellow gray pantone 1
 Mr P. Garment-Dyed Cotton and Linen-Blend Shirt

We’ve lived through perhaps one of the worst years in modern times, and so it’s only fitting that the boldest and brightest of colors takes the stage in illuminating yellow. Pair this with the muted yet solid, and dependable foundation of gray and you’ve got yourself a real winner.

Not only do these colors pair exceptionally well together, but this contrast of yin and yang makes for a statement that will silently shout all year long – to stand out without standing out. This is what I love about this combination.

yellow gray pantone 2
Mr P. Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt

Mr. Porter nails it, particularly with this linen blend shirt combined with the neutral striped shorts. Easy breezy for spring and summer. Trendy and timeless all at the same time.

9. Luxe Sweats (From Head To Toe)

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luxe sweats 1
A.P.C. Melange Fleece-Back Cotton Jersey Sweats

Sure, some of us may be sick of sweats, but even as everything reopens and living life resumes, luxe sweats are in it for the long haul. Comfortable and considered luxe sweats can be styled up or down to suit your mood.

Shop Luxe Sweats

luxe sweats 3
Express Solid Double Knit Shorts

I recommend a classic gray or modern navy to keep you feeling just as good as you look. It’s all about the fit here, along with clean lines and clean drapes. Whether you’re lounging around or want something easy, yet stylish to wear to the airport, luxe sweats are the way.

luxe sweats 2
Burnello Cucinelli Cashmere-Blend Sweatpants

10. Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

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This isn’t just a spring or summer style essential, but a year-round staple. Sunglasses are my go-to whenever I’m out and about.

felix gray jemison whiskey tortoise sunglasses
Felix Gray Jemison Whiskey Tortoise Sunglasses

Shop Tortoise Shell Sunglasses



spring summer sunglasses

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The tortoise shell pattern is one of my favorites, you can never go wrong here. I’ve featured some premium brands here as well as more affordable options suitable for any guy.

11. Open Toed Sandals

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suede sandals 1
Mr. Porter Suede Sandals

And last, but not least, we’re pushing for open toed sandals for spring and summer. Not flip flops, but sandals like these are an easy way to keep it lax and luxe at the same time.

suede sandals 2
Mr P. David Suede Sandals

Wear them with relaxed trousers or shorts and you’ve got a winning recipe. And yes, we even endorse the contentious yet enduring Birkenstocks.

Wrapping Things Up

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And that wraps up this article on what we feel are timeless fashion trends for spring and summer. They’re all suitable for warmer weather and so you can wear them often and wear them well. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed putting this together.

Spring & Summer Fashion Essentials for Men (Timeless Trends) | GENTLEMAN WITHIN


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